Pok Fu Lam Village – Field Trip Reflection

On Oct 24, we went to Pok Fu Lam Village for a field trip. We went to Dragon’s Museum, different restaurants, a Dairy Farm Staff quarters. We saw  a hay silo, wall graffiti, etc. There were stray dogs along the way – the dogs were adorable. There were also lots of butterflies – i always had to duck because i’m scared of butterflies. 

We hiked up the mountain to see historical sights. The hike was steep and I slipped a couple of times but friends behind me pushed me up so that I don’t fall.

Along the way, we saw different conditions of how people live. Some have very poor living conditions and some were living off container vans. It does not seem comfortable at all. Some people who live in villages along the slopes of the mountain need to use common toilets because there are only 4 toilets for the entire village. 

Other things that we saw were cacti, a cow picture from a long time ago, schools and spider webs. We saw alleys that were very narrow. This hiking experience was more difficult than the one we did last year because of the steepness of the slope.

Up till now, I still wonder whether there are snakes or lizards around the area. It would’ve been scary. Hopefully there is none around the area. 

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