On April, (I forgot which day) We had SLLRS. SLLR stands for Student Led Learning Reviews. An SLLR is when students from every class (Except upper school) tell their parents about what they learned about over the school year. You don’t have to talk about everything. You could choose 3 that you wanted to tell your parents about.

My SLLR was on Friday. I got to relax for 1 day and then I had to go to the SLLR. After that, I needed to go to a birthday party so I got to relax again.

The things I told my parents about was The Design Project, A Persuasive writing piece about deforestation and the robotics dance challenge. We also had to talk to our parents about chinese. It was the same as the one we are doing for english but we had to speak in chinese and we tell them about what we did in chinese.
I enjoyed telling my parents about my SLLR, but I am not very excited for the next one next year.

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  • May 6, 2017 at 8:38 am

    I am always excited! Why aren’t you excited about it?

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