Robotics: Scratch

On May 2, we had to code a little cat called Scratch, we had a challenge and we needed to make a tessellation. A tessellation is when you draw the same things over and over and over again until it fills up the paper. There has to be no gaps. You could pick any shape to tessellate. I chose to do a tessellation of a triangle.

This was my first time coding. I do not know how many times I could successfully tessellate the triangle. There is probably about more than 30. Scratch sometimes drew what I expected. Sometimes I was puzzled about why Scratch suddenly overlapped the triangles. I finally figured it out because there was a limited amount of space. When it gets to the edge/corner, it turns back and it overlaps,

The most challenging part in this task was the coding. Sometimes I did not understand what most of the codes meant. When I tried it, I followed the code really closely so that I know what it does and I know what Scratch is doing.

I have learned a lot this lesson because this is just my first time doing scratch. I have learned what all of the movements meant. Some of them are: Pen up, Pen down, and pick random. Pen up means Scratch puts his pen up. Pen down is the opposite and instead Scratch puts his pen down. Pick random () () Means where it’s gonna go like the direction. So you have to give the coordinates to Scratch so he knows where to start and go.

I enjoyed exploring this new coding programme and am looking forward to the next challenge.

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  • May 6, 2017 at 8:42 am

    You need to teach me about this and tell me more. I don’t even understand what coding is. Seems interesting!

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