Make A Map – Extinction

On March 21st, I watched a video on BrainPop. The video was about extinction. I liked this one and decided to create a mind map about it. It was really cool.

Extinction is when an entire species of animals die. Species are any group of organisms that share enough common traits to breed together. There are more than 1 billion extinct species! Some examples of animals that are extinct; Sabre tooth tiger, dodo bird and dinosaurs are all extinct! And when a species die, it can affect the whole ecosystem.

The way the dinosaurs were extinct was by mass extinction. It is when a large percentage of species on earth die in a short period of time. It happens because sudden environmental factors like it suddenly becomes really cold. Dinosaurs do not live in cold places so they die very easily.

Evolutionary pressure is when one species change into many generations. There’s also a theory of evolution; All living things are competing for food, water and space, and because of that, they are becoming extinct! For example, if a fish is trying to get food and have more space, then a shark suddenly wants it, they’ll eat the fish to get even more space for themselves. If it keeps on happening, species will become extinct quicker.

Extinction can also happen by human activities like farming, forestry, industry and commercial fishing. They all put lots of pressure on the environment. Humans also depend a lot on food, clothing and shelter. They kill the animals and cut the trees for all of those. That is another way animals can become extinct.
I learned a lot about extinction. I am looking forward to creating another one :D.

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