Make a Map – Oceans

On March 16th, I used BrainPop to create a mind map about oceans. I found out way more than the Land Biomes one I did. The video was called Underwater World. I chose this topic because I did not know much about what is in the oceans.

First, I found out that oceans are the largest ecosystems in the world. Over 70% of earth’s surface is covered with water, and all of the oceans connect so that animals can move between them. The Depths of oceans is so dark, no plants can grow, and the fish down there have light emitting abilities.

After that, I learned that there are a lot of different habitats underwater. There are sandy plains, mountains, coral reefs, deep canyons, and open water. Another one is called the Pelagic habitat. They are divided in 3 zones: Bathyal zone, Abyssal zone and Euphotic zone. The Bathyal zone have just a little bit of light. In the Abyssal zone, there is no sunlight and it can go down to 6,000m! The pressure there can turn you into a smooth paste, but there are still animals living in the Abyssal zone! The Euphotic zone is from the surface down to 100m, and they get enough sunlight that tiny plankton live there. They need just about every food chain in the ocean!

There is also a Benthic habitat. Scientists call it the ocean floor. It covers the coral reef to continental shelves to underwater mountains ranges to deep ocean trenches. One of the deepest trench in the world is the Marianas in the Pacifics. It’s over 11,000m deep and you can loose the world’s tallest inside of it!

Another habitat is the coral reef. The coral reef can look like a rock, but it is actually made of hard skeleton of small animals. The skeleton is from a coral polyp. Since the coral reef is close to the surface, sunlight penetrates the water.
All of those habitats support different types of sea life. If you combine all of those habitats together, there will be more than 21,000 species living in the water! I really enjoyed watching the video and creating the mind map. It was very fun.

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