Make A Map-Land Biomes

On March 14th, we made a map about biomes. We used BrainPop to watch a video about it and created a mind map. On this mind map, I knew more than the other mind maps I’ve created.

Biomes are a system of plants, animals and land, and they all have similar ecosystems. Factors like temperature, rainfall and attitude all decide what plant and animal life a biome can support. I also learned that if you move an animal out of their biome, there is a high chance of them dying. For example: If you move a polar bear out to a Desert, it will most likely die because it’s too hot. The same happens with plants.

I learned about the different biomes. There are much more than I expected. One biome is a Rainforest, it can reach over 150 cm of rainfall each year, and they’re humid and hot. Another biome is a Temperate Forest. That is where Oak and Maple Trees grow, and the soil is very fertile. I learned about another biome called Taiga. They have cool summers and cold winters. There is also Grasslands or Savanna. There are NOT a lot of trees but lots of grassland. They have hot rainy seasons and cold dry seasons. The last one was the Desert, it’s hot during the day and cold during the night.

There was one biome I missed. It was the tundra. I couldn’t put them anywhere because there is no more space. I learned a lot from BrainPop, and enjoyed creating the mind map.

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    Lovely! I enjoyed reading this !

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