Mind-Map Ecosystems

On March 9th, we began to start a new unit. I think our new unit is about ecosystems or just different types of systems. So we all went on BrainPop and watched a video about ecosystems, and then we created a mind-map about ecosystems. I found out a lot about them.

When I was watching the video, one of the ecosystems was a Desert. The Desert’s ecosystem is made up from living and nonliving animals that can interact with each other. Many times, ecosystems are categorized. From the amount of rainfalls and the sunlight they get, a Desert don’t get a lot of rain so there is almost no water.  They also have their own community of plants and animals that have adapted. Because of the hot and dry weather, Kangaroo rats sleep underground so it’s cooler (Cooler as in weather cooler). Plants and animals that live in the desert must be able to survive without any water.

Other than Desert ecosystems, there is also Water ecosystems. Some examples of water ecosystems are ponds, lakes, rivers and oceans. Communities can be separated into different populations. They are all made up by 1 organsim, and they all have their own habitat. There are many different types of habitats. One of them is the forest. Habitats are a little bit like biomes, but not really. Biomes are different places, habitats are like where they live.  

I enjoyed creating this mind-map and I am looking forward to create the next one.

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