On February 23rd, we did a commercial. How we did it was by creating an ad showing our product. Each of us had different products. 2 people had the same product. My product was edible tea bags, the other 2 were edible cutlery and a tea set.

Some other people were filming. So we had to try and be quiet. They had to keep restarting because we kept talking. It took a really really long time to set up the props. We did it for a long time that it was already time for recess. We did not get much done.

First, we needed to get into a group of 4 or 3. Next, we needed to plan. The plan had things like what is our slogan gonna be, who are we trying to convince to buy them? Then, we needed to do a storyboard. After that we needed to write a script for our ad. We already finished all of those. We kept forgetting to bring the props so we are still on practicing. Now I think that we are ready to film.

All that we are doing right now is linked up to Visual Arts. We have to make Eco Packaging for our products. All of us are in the same company, but we are not making the same products. Only 2 people are.

I think we did this because we needed to learn how to film using different techniques. I chose to write about this because I thought that it is really cool. From doing this, I learned the different camera angles and the techniques they use like Bandwagon, testimonial, plain folks, emotional appeal and a lot more. I am going to enjoy filming this commercial.

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