Eco Packaging Design

In V.A (Visual Arts), we are about to create a packaging for our product. I chose to make a product for an edible tea bag. I am still on folding the package. At first, I was about to make a package for a phone case, but I got put into a group of 4 and they were doing edible spoons, and a tea set. So I had to change my product and change my design for the packaging to make it related.

In order to do this, we had to create a company because we were going to film the advertisement we are going to make. It would be easier in a group rather than doing it alone. First, we needed to name our company. Then, we needed to draw what our package would look like. Next, we had to find a photo that is similar to the drawing that we drew then print it. We had to fold it too. Then we drew how it would look like on the inside. I haven’t gone to that part yet.

We were making scripts for the advertisement. Me and my group have already finished scripting. Now we will start to memorise and film our advertisements. I am very excited!

I wanted to talk about the eco packaging because I thought that it was very creative. I think we did it because we needed to improve our designing skills. From doing that, I learned how companies make their packaging.

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