Mega Ice

Yesterday (December 14th), we went to a place called MegaBox. MegaBox is a shopping center and it is really big. Mega Ice is at the very top of the building, we had to take a lot of escalators and elevators.

Mega Ice is 26 meters by 57 meters. It is the only international sized rink in the city. There is a 30 meter glass window where you can see the harbour view. In MegaIce, they host international hockey games and Asian Figure Skating Championships. Mega Ice is also for performances, concerts, exhibitions and birthday parties.

When we arrived at Mega Ice, it looked smaller than I expected. It didn’t look very big. When I got my skates, I realized it was hockey skates so they were more slippery. Later, I changed to the skates I was supposed to wear.       

I went on the ice and it was a bit cold, but when I stayed on it for a long time it was really cold. I forgot how to ice skate, so my friends taught me. After that we made a huge snowball made of ice.

I had a lot of fun in Mega Ice.


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