Learning Buddies

On Friday, we had Learning Buddies. They have finished their unit and now they are on an exploring unit. We had to pair up with a partner and then our learning buddies got to choose where to go in the school where they haven’t been before. My partner’s learning buddy was sick so we went with my learning buddy instead. Our learning buddies had to take 4 photos of the place they would pick. I thought my reading buddy was going to choose the Green Roof, but they chose to go to our classroom.

After they had taken 4 photos, we were just showing her around the classroom. Then there was a girl in a different class and she said that my learning buddy looked much older than what grade she is in now.

I think I really enjoyed last week’s learning buddies and am looking forward to the next one on Friday because they are still on the exploring unit.

2 thoughts on “Learning Buddies

  • January 17, 2017 at 8:08 am

    I bet that you had so much fun with your buddy.
    I also had fun with my buddy.

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