Make A Map

On November 22th, I made a map about forces. I used BrainPOP to find out the information about force. I found out what net force, velocity, vector, friction, acceleration, non-contact force and contact force mean.

Some examples of contact forces are pulling, pushing, dragging and friction. Contact means like you are talking with someone, touching something or interacting. For contact forces, it means touching something. So if you add contact forces together, it means you are touching something to move.

Non contact force is the opposite of contact forces. Non-contact means that you aren’t touching anything to move. A example of non-contact forces are magnetism and electrical forces cause they are doing things by themselves. Like if you put 1 magnet close together with another one, it will automatically connect.

Friction is when something is about to slow down, speed up or turn any direction. 3 examples of friction is dragging, contact force and acceleration.

I learned a lot from the BrainPOP video, and enjoyed making the mind-map about forces.

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