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On Thursday, we went on a field trip. I didn’t get much information but we found out about the Opium war between China and England because they wanted to fight for HK. We learned about the Japanese Occupation of HK.

For the Opium War, the way it was caused was by England shipped opium to China, but then they suddenly they felt like they were too obsessed with opium that they would throw it out, so one person ordered them to throw all the opium out. Then China said that they didn’t like England’s things. So that caused the Opium War. We found out that England won the first Opium war. It started in 1839 and ended in 1842. But they could only get HK for 99 years then they have to return it to China. But in the 2nd war China won over HK. The start of the 2nd Opium war was from 1856 to 1860. We also found out that opium is like a ore or people that use it for smoking. I didn’t think that opium was for smoking cause it sounds like a ore to me.

I didn’t really find out about the Japanese Occupation of HK because we went there last and it was almost time for lunch. I still found out that they were also battling HK. We found out that there was a bit of a fire in HK. They still fought for it. We did not find out who won. I think China won cause right now HK is in China.

I think that the History Museum is quite interesting. It was nice to know what happened in the Opium War and who won it. It was also nice to know how Japan and China fought for HK.

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  • November 12, 2016 at 8:56 am

    Let’s go back to the museum Tammi! I’d love to go too.

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