Bar Graph

 We made bar graphs! We collected data of what our questions. I asked “Which Pet”. My choices were “Cat, Dog, Snake, Fish, Tarantula, Fish, Other, I don’t have a favourite pet…”  Most of us were confused because we didn’t know who we asked and who we didn’t ask. Some people even had to restart. I didn’t restart because I already knew who I didn’t ask. I was lucky!

After collecting data we had to create the graph, I did a graph on my book. I already finished it. I created the final one at Create A Graph Classic. I got a bit mixed up because I entered the name Create A Graph instead of Create A Graph Classic so I chose the wrong one and had to restart my work. 🙁 We could also use Pie Charts. I really enjoyed using the bar graph!

We also learned the words for the bar graph like range, mode and other things. We already learned them last year, but we forgot almost all of them. We even forgot the scale! But I think we are all on the computers to create a bar graph.

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