We have an assembly! Though we made many mistakes and were very messy, we practised today and it was better than yesterday. Now we ran through it we now know the order of things. And now we are ready. Last time we had to keep printing, but the printer didn’t have paper. So we kept going back and forth and last time, we had trouble memorising our scripts, so our homework was to memorise them. Now almost all of us remember our lines! And our learning buddies are going to come watch it. I am very scared because my friends keep saying “Good Luck, Good Luck” to me for almost the whole week!

  Finally, we did our assembly! Some people kept laughing and they couldn’t hear me talk. It was sad :(.


 Some time in the week, we had P.E. But we didn’t get much done because we had a different teacher. It was Mrs. T. So we spent a lot of time getting confused and asking questions just because we didn’t know what to do. And for the last part, we were about to play Dr. Dodgeball. But she spent so much time explaining the rules (Even if we already knew it), so we only got like 1 minute to play and then when 4A came back, I asked them “How was P.E?” And they said that they got like 30 minutes to play Dr. Dodgeball. I thought it wasn’t fair.


  I finally brought my P.A folder, so I didn’t have to sit out and do Air Recorder. Though it was a disaster because we kept laughing at a note and we had to try to stop ourselves and that took a long time.

ISA Test (International School  


 For Tuesday and Wednesday, we have no Chinese cause we have a ISA test. When I came from the 7th floor, up to the 9th floor, everyone kept saying “Yay! No Chinese!” It was really annoying. When we first started the Assessment, I thought that the first part was really easy. I thought that it was fun. We did Mathematical Literacy part 1 and part 2, we did writing part 1 and 2. And we also did the reading. It was reading comprehensions. It was also really easy and I enjoyed it. I hope I get a good grade.


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  • October 1, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    The assembly went well. Don’t be sad about it. You did good! everyone did!

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