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Music Final Ternary Composition

Helen Jin 8 Bar Composition


Artwork Inspiration:

Landscape with Factory Chimney (1910), by Wassily Kandinsky, oil on canvas; Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York, Colomon R Guggenheim © ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2006



I believe that I have used rhythmic patterns that are appealing to the general audience with a good melody. I made an effort to change up the pacing and mood of the melody in section B so that it would captivate listeners throughout the piece. However, I had encountered slight difficulties in maintaining a connection between the two sections, but in the end I had decided to incorporate the rhythms of section A into B. Multiple classmates had stated that the melody was memorable because of the repetition in rhythms and the piano was complementing it well, so I had tried to keep those somewhat the same in section B. I also thought that the dynamics played a big part on the overall mood of the song. For example, having bar 11/12 in forte allowed it to sound much more alarming and quick paced. I also think that the piece should be played at a slower tempo (80bpm) because it makes the song much more playable and enjoyable compared to 120bpm. I also think that the accompanying piano part is successfully supporting the trumpet without over powering it too much and contributes another layer of music to the piece. I feel as if I could of connected some bars and phrases more smoothly to avoid a harsh and sudden change in the music/mood. For example, the melody in bar 12 was rather fast paced, but I had trouble slowing it down after that and so it had resulted in an odd feel in bar 13. I also think I could’ve perhaps used better chord choices/cadences in some areas as well as adding more accents to add more colour into the piece. Being able to gather comments on my PJ for my drafts is beneficial, because it allows me to take in constructive criticism about parts that I may have missed. One person had commented on the draft that I should add more dynamics so I tried to use both crescendos and diminuendos. Some have also commented that the final piece did not seem very playable realistically speaking, especially for a trumpet player who needs time to breath. I personally thought the 16th notes made the piece more interesting and captivating, but in the future, I could use other notes more and include rests.



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  • 090164 says:

    Hi, I really liked your solo, but it could use more articulation. Other than that I think it sounds great!

  • Ethan Chen says:

    The melody sounds really nice and it incorporates many interesting rhythms. The dynamics also really fit the piece.

  • Clarice says:

    Your chords and melody work really well together. The two parts of the composition have a strong connection! It will be better if you have added in a climax to your composition and end with the right key.

  • Adrian Tang says:

    The chords in the last bar of the A section sounds weird because the melody is ending in a major key but the chords are ending in a minor key and the last chord isn’t the right chord. But the overall composition sounds pretty kewl

  • Bridget says:

    I think you did really well by creating a melody with a good flow, as we’ll as repeating your rhythms in make the melody memorable to your audience. It sounds a lot like a canon, which adds more classical rails to your piece. However, you’re liece does not soundness finished. You can fix this but chnaging the last note. Good job!

  • Cecilia Tang says:

    Hi Helen,

    I really like your composition. It sounds very nice and I think you have fulfilled all the task criterion. I like the way you repeated rhythms.I think overall there are not too many things you can improve on aside from your playability because this seems to be quite a difficult piece, especially for the trumpet to play. The piano part also seems a bit repetitious. Good job!


  • Hannah Fung says:

    I liked the melody of your song because it flowed really well and was catchy to the ear.

  • Hei Yiu says:

    The melody matched well with the chords and was also nice to listen to.

  • Ian says:

    I like it a lot but I think you should have more variation on how many notes you have and melodies.

  • 130014 says:

    Is this possible to play on a trumpet??

    Um, pretty good, maybe some space for the player to breath? Some, less 16th note spam? idk..

    Good otherwise. 🙂

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