My Logo

Please answer these questions about my logo:

1. what is the best thing about my logo?

2. How could I improve my logo?

3.  what was the first thing you thought when you saw my logo?

4. Is my logo good? why?

5 thoughts on “My Logo

  1. 1. Well, in my own opinion, the basketball in your logo is the best thing ever yet, since it is very detailed and it represents your hobby and what you like, also it looks very real as one in real life.

    2. (I think) that you could add some more things on your hobbies, school or whatever, but try to add a bit more, since now to me, it seems as though you only have 1 hobby and it seems a bit too boring, so try to increase some more items.

    3. When I first looked at your logo, I noticed the cute, little, green monster on his planet, which makes me remember the CDNIS big family feeling, also, when I saw the basketball, I immediately remembered you, since your hobby was playing basketball with your friends.

    4. Overall, your logo looks fantastic, because it is creative you hand-drawn and it really represents who you are.

  2. 1) I like your monster and it’s planet because it stands out from the basketball.
    2) You could make the basketball not float randomly even though it stands out (you could make it the monster’s planet). You could also make the lines on your basketball more accurate.
    3) I thought it was very creative because of the monster and it’s colour and the basketball because it expresses your passions.
    4) It is okay but the basketball floating is a bit random as said above.
    Overall, it’s a good logo.

  3. The best thing about your logo is the basketball as it’s your favourite sport (hope you’ll get into the team.) You could improve it by getting rid of the black thingy at the back of the monster. I saw Space Jam 3 on the first sight. overall your logo is good as it represents your favourite things

  4. 1. I think your monster is really creative.
    2. The green really fits with the black circle.
    3. I thought of a basketball going into the hook. The flag and the black circle really reminded me of a basketball hook.
    4. I think your logo is good because it conveys you as a person.

  5. The best thing about your logo is the basketball as it has the most detail and looks the nicest.
    You could improve your logo by only making the monster in the middle green not having the green go into the black circle.
    I thought about how it looked a bit like a ship coming onto the moon, I mainly thought of this because of the red flag.
    Yes, I would say your logo is good as it is both detailed and looks like a lot of effort was put in.

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