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Weekly Reflection

This week what went well was that during PE I scored 3 touchdowns!! but i think that this week i should improve on staying on task and not having any side conversations with my peers that are off topic. Next week I would like to work on my presentation skills when we are practicing our exhibition. I would also like to practice interpreting graphs and data because we took too long to do our interpreting data yesterday.

Exhibition Refletion

   Last week was exhibition week so we did a lot of work on our exhibition. We did a lot of research on pollution and we listed down some facts. We also decided that we want to 3d print our prototype. I also got a message from somebody saying that i could work with grade 3s because they are doing a unit about pollution and factories. We have decided to start making our prototype for our product tomorrow. And we will start making our final product within the next two weeks.

Probability Unit Reflection

This unit we learned about theoretical probability and experimental probability. Theoretical probability is what has already been proven so like if you are flipping a coin then you know that you have a ½ chance on landing it on tails. And if you land it on heads a lot of times in a row then your chances of it landing on tails will increase. And experimental probability is when you actually do it. So like if you flip a coin normally you would think that if you flipped it 50 times then you would get 25 of them on heads and the other 25 on tails. But that is not always true because maybe you would have to flip it 100 times or even 1000.

During this unit I found that learning about probability is actually really useful because you can use it a lot of real life situations. Like say if you are playing a game of Yahtzee then you can find out the odds of you actually rolling a full house or a Yahtzee.

Some challenges in this unit were actually during the very start when i was trying to figure out the answer to the word problems that we were given. But my friend helped me and he taught me how to solve them.

But overall i think that probability is really useful and you can use it a lot in your real life so you should take some time to learn it and trust me it will help you a lot. Thank you  for reading my blog post and have a great day!!

weekly reflection

This week i learned about a game called Yahtzee, Yahtzee is a fun game about probability. Me and my table group were very lucky in this game and we learned that you need to choose which space you use wisely because sometimes in the middle of a game you might get a large straight but you already have that filled in so you need to think about the probability of you getting a straight twice in one game. In future I can use this because when I go to university I want to be like my brother and sell sneakers to earn money. So then I can use probability to like tell people that the chance of the price of this pair of shoes will probably go up because they are selling fast. Next week i will work on my exhibition more efficiently and use my time well because we only have 3 weeks to do exhibition until we actually get to do it. My highlight of the week was probably sports day because i won the 100m boys final and we came second in the relay race against Charlie so i am proud of the mountain lions that mede the relay team. And i would also like to say good job to the people that were in the 100m finals.

Camp Reflection

Day 1: On the first day of camp i was pretty excited to meet my instructor. Once we got to meet our instructor we all went to tell him our medical information about if we were allergic to anything. Then after that we started to go hiking towards our camp site. after we got to our camp site we looked at a map and went on a long hike to a village.

Day 2: On the second day we went on another hike(that was 3 hours long!!) to a place called Pak Tam Au to eat lunch. After we ate lunch we went back to the main hall to get our stuff and then we went on a hike to our next campsite. Once we arrived at our campsite we played a little game and then we started to set up our tents. Once we set up our tents we went to find three types of wood to make our campfire for the night. After we collected all of the wood we then changed into our PJs and made dinner. For dinner we had spaghetti  and we told scary stories.

Day 3: On the third day we went back to camp and we started to clean our tents and ate breakfast. For breakfast we had oatmeal with hot chocolate powder. I also found out that oatmeal is one of my favourite foods in the whole world(i now eat oatmeal nearly every morning).

Day 4: Day 4 was our last day in camp and i had a wonderful time at camp and i would like to thank outward bound for helping me become less shy. Thank you for reading my reflection!

Weekly Reflection

This week i did a writing report on 9-11 as an historical economic event. So basically we all decided to research into a historical economic event and get into groups of people who were interested in the same topic. I chose to do 9-11 with others who were interested in 9-11 so we formed a group and started researching into the topic 9-11. After we finished researching into our topics we then had to split up and write a report on our economic event. We can use this in the future because when we grow up if we want to talk about an economic event then i will know a lot about it. This week we also finished the trade game but we have not found out who won the game yet so i think that we will do it after camp or on Monday. i think the trade game was pretty fun because we got to experience what it feels like to trade but the only bad thing about the trade game was that we had to pay a lot of taxes for noise pollution so we were one of the worst teams in the whole game. i think that my team didn’t do very well because we lost a lot of cube for noise pollution and not following instructions. Thank you for reading my Blog post🏀:)

Weekly Reflection:)

This week was very fun because we got to do a lot of stuff and we had house day!! We also went to this place called Oxfam for a field trip and we learned about factor workers and how they work really hard but they don’t earn any money. Basically we went to a place where we had to do a simulation about living like a factory worker and we had to find out about this guy called Jonson who was a worker but he jumped off a building because he was really depressed. i think that this story was very sad because everyday he was working very hard but he barely earned any money. A lesson that i learned from this field trip is that it is very unfair for the factory workers because they work harder than rich people but they don’t even earn a quarter of the amount of money that the rich people do.

Well anyways, house day was really fun because the mountain lions came second in tug of war and we won the dance off at the end. This years house day was probably the best house day in like seven years because everyone had a lot of fun and was very competitive when doing the tug of war.

Weekly Reflection

This week i really liked it because i got to meet new people and have fun. We got to do a murder mystery thing where we got to work in groups and try to solve a murder. My group solved the problem first and we kind of gave it away because we jumped and celebrated when we got it. I personally really liked the murder mystery because we got to meet new people and learn how to cooperate with others. It was kind of like putting the pieces of the puzzle together because we would solve one clue and then another, by the time we had solved all of the cues we kid of put them together into one answer.