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How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *

In my song (Slow Hands) it starts with a drum playing four chords and I used those chords in order to make the song sound similar. I also included some electric piano that played chords that gave the song a massive boost of similarity. I also had a tempo of 88 which was exactly like the song. All of this would help the listener know the song without seeing the name and that is why I made these decisions.
How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? 
In the original song, the music is a lot louder but in my version, the music is quieter so you can hear the singing more. I also made the individual chords twice as long as the bass’s chords. I chose to do this to the song so it would sound different and stand out from the original song.
Ukulele Skills (if you did this yourself)
I didn’t use a ukulele but instead decided that it would be much more interesting to learn how to use garage band while being able to make one of my favorite songs. I had to copy and paste the pre-made chords and like I imagined it sounded amazing.
Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… *
I found the editing part as one of the fun parts because you could experiment and change things up. I used the blue ridge drum for when there was a gap in the chords. I also used an electric piano to make the verse sound like the song. My drummer through the whole song was “beyond the moon”.
Time management for your project… *
During online school, I gave myself 15 minutes after class to reflect on my song and make it better. This allowed me to have things done and on time. I had to be very organized in order to find simple mistakes and missing chords.
Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) *
During online school, I was mostly on my own which meant that I had to pay attention to online classes and attend most of them. When I was asked to work on something and have it done by the next class I got it done and ready for the next class. On the due date, I was completely ready to submit my song and did it to the best of my ability.

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