Ukulele – Your Choice!

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *

In my song (Slow Hands) it starts with a drum playing four chords and I used those chords in order to make the song sound similar. I also included some electric piano that played chords that gave the song a massive boost of similarity. I also had a tempo of 88 which was exactly like the song. All of this would help the listener know the song without seeing the name and that is why I made these decisions.
How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? 
In the original song, the music is a lot louder but in my version, the music is quieter so you can hear the singing more. I also made the individual chords twice as long as the bass’s chords. I chose to do this to the song so it would sound different and stand out from the original song.
Ukulele Skills (if you did this yourself)
I didn’t use a ukulele but instead decided that it would be much more interesting to learn how to use garage band while being able to make one of my favorite songs. I had to copy and paste the pre-made chords and like I imagined it sounded amazing.
Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… *
I found the editing part as one of the fun parts because you could experiment and change things up. I used the blue ridge drum for when there was a gap in the chords. I also used an electric piano to make the verse sound like the song. My drummer through the whole song was “beyond the moon”.
Time management for your project… *
During online school, I gave myself 15 minutes after class to reflect on my song and make it better. This allowed me to have things done and on time. I had to be very organized in order to find simple mistakes and missing chords.
Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) *
During online school, I was mostly on my own which meant that I had to pay attention to online classes and attend most of them. When I was asked to work on something and have it done by the next class I got it done and ready for the next class. On the due date, I was completely ready to submit my song and did it to the best of my ability.

Ukulele Submission – Step 3 – Finished Song – (Donkey Riding)

Ukulele Submission – Step 3 – Finished Song – (Donkey Riding)

What is the key of your tune? Time Signature? *
My Time signature was 2/4. The key of my tune is F major.


What sort of rhythms are used in your song? How were they used musically? *
The song is repeated 3 times and the majority of the notes are quarter notes. The first note of the chords is an F.


Discuss your note accuracy and rhythm accuracy in regards to inputting the strumming and melodic playing… *
When inputting the strumming and melodic I just listened to the finished song and then looked at the Donkey Riding Document witch helped me confirm the right accuracy to input.


How did you decide your tempo to match your song and style? Did the context of the song change because of this? *
My tempo was 105 which was pretty fast just like the song. I did not worry too much about the tempo so I just conferred with a per who was doing the same song as me and then we came to the concussion for the song to have a fast tempo which was 105. The song’s content did not change that much.


What skills did you acquire with your use of Garageband? Trimming, Cutting, pasting, metronome, etc… How did you use these skills throughout the assignment? *
I used these skills and shortcuts to save time and to get the note on beat much faster than I had before when using ways that did not help me that much. I trimmed the notes to make sure there were no gaps, I pasted my verse 2 more times so it matched the music, and I stuck with the right tempo from the music.


Discuss any challenges you had to overcome for this assignment! *
I had problems reading the music when I started but after discussing with Mr. O’Toole I became much better and was able to finish the song to the best of my abilities.

The Young Americans

Last week on Wednesday Thursday and Friday the young americans came to CDNIS. The young americans are people who have gone to an american dance and singing university. They travel around the world to different schools and teach the students to dance and sing in a big performance.

The first day we walked into the LLAC theatre and they performed a special dance for us. It was very complex and looked very cool. After they finished performing it they said that that was our opening dance. I thought that we could not learn that so fast and would have to spend the whole day just one the first dance. We split up and headed for different young americans. Within 15 minutes we had learned most of the dance and were ready to move on. We learned a big party dance and to sing in a choir. The next day we worked on some new dances like the sports dance and other dances. On the last day we worked on everything to make them better. We had to work on the finishing dances but we learned them really fast. Finally we had are dress rehearsal and were ready for the performance.

This experience helped me be more brave in front of a crowed and when I performed I was not even a little bit scared. My favourite dance was the lion king stick dance because there were 9 young americans who had to pick 2 students that they thought were the most enthusiastic, the most confident and other good things. I was lucky enough to get picked by one of them and was extremely happy. But the dance we did was super fun and we learned new things. I would not change anything they had done because it was so fun and could not be better. I was kind of sad when the performance was over but still happy I got to have that experience.

Chinese Goals Improvement

My Goals:

  •  Listening
  •  Being Balanced

I have been more balanced but I need to be a better listener.                                                                                                                          Over all I do not have any new goals but I am still trying to be a better listener.


– 平衡


First Semester Reflection

First Semester Reflection


As I reflect on your progress over this first semester I am interested in your thoughts about your progress.

In what area or areas do you feel you have grown the most this semester?

I have grown in my understanding of division. This is because I practiced 4 questions every day and now I get all of them right without help. I also grew at understanding work problems will reading them. Now I can read them and explain them mush better but there is always room for improvement.

In what area or areas do you feel you really need to focus on more as the year progresses?


I think that I need to work on reading more because when I read I have to read it over to understand what happens. I also need to submit my work on time. Sometimes  have work that I finished but I forget to hand it in.

Oxfam Simulation Field Trip

Today me and my class went on a field trip the Oxfam. What Oxfam does is try and stop poverty. When we got there we had to take of our shoes and go into a room. We split into groups and were given a household registration. We pretended we were on a train going to the city from the country. They explained that the poor people had to go to the city to get money for there family. The people work for 12 hours everyday with 3 minutes for the toilet or to eat lunch. We had to work at the fake factory and put nuts onto bolts. We had to find out what happened to a worker that was missing. Later we found out that he got injured and went home. It was a fun simulation and after that they told us some more about the migrant workers then we went back to the school. It was a fun experience but it shocked me that so many people have to live like that everyday in those poor circumstances.