Overall Grade 7 reflection

1. 今年,你最喜欢哪个单元unit?


2. 你最喜欢哪个单元项目unit project? 


3. 你学得最好的是哪个单元? 
4. 哪个单元最有意义meaningful?你最喜欢哪个单元?为什么? 
自我管理 Self Management Skills
5-a. 请说明理由 Please specify the reason of the answer to Question 5. 
6. 你给自己的学习态度attitude几分? 
1- 8 : 我觉得是 6
7. 今年的评估assessment中,你做得比较好的是哪些方面?(可以多选 multiple choice)
Crit CD oral
Crit CD writing
Summative projects
8. 今年的学习中,我觉得比较困难的是……(List the challenges or difficulties that you are facing this year.) 
9. 你今年的中文SMART学习目标是什么?你达到了目标吗?What was your SMART goal and have you achieved it? Please specify. 
My smart goal was that I wanted to get better and memorising phrases and characters in Chinese. I think that I have not fully reached this goal but I have improved. I have practiced many more times this year to make sure I can use the phrases fluently but that did not make a big difference. So, overall I think I have achieved it half way and next year I could use different learning strategies to learn these phrases and sentence structures.
10. 今年,你学到了什么?明年有什么打算?What have you learned this year? What’s your study plan for the summer and the next school year? *
今年我学到很多的新词语和很多的句子结构。我也学到不同家庭成员的名字。我今年夏天的学习计划是复习我今天所学的材料。I also want to practice and memorise the phrases that I have learned. next school year I plan to study a lot more for each of the tests so that I can get better grades. I also want to read more Chinese books so I understand the meaning better of the phrases that we have learned in class. My goal for next year is to get many good grades so that I can move up to phase 4.
11. 感谢你一年的努力,希望你今年的学习是有意义的!最后,你还有什么想对张老师说的?(Any reflection / comment / suggestion that you want to share with Ms. Zhang about this year’s Chinese class? Please leave your comments.) 
我觉得Zhang 老师是一个很关怀和乐于助人的老师。我非常感谢您这一年来对我的评价。他们帮助我提高了中文水平。

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