Reflection on Design

To what extent has the film raised the target audiences knowledge and understanding of how the theme/event influenced the central characters?

I believe that our documentary raised understanding of prejudices faced by different people in different cultures and regions across the world. They were given evidence of how prejudice was used against people in their everyday lives to make them slaves to oppressive systems to which they broke free of. Faisal was able to eventually overcome the racism exerted upon his as a child by becoming a lawyer, Lizzy’s mom managed to succeed in the business world despite being told women couldn’t work as well as men could, and Margaret’s dad managed to overcome the discrimination that came with poverty and living in HK.

Reflection on Heartbeat Unit

In the heartbeat unit, I did well on my criterion C; the making of my product. I was able to well demonstrate creative thinking and problem skills, along with keeping track of my progress.
However, I was not as successful with Criterion D. I did not go into enough detail when planning out my design. As quoted by my teacher, Mr. Stringer,  ‘Good design ideas. However, they need better descriptions, annotations, measurement. From your design spec, drawing, and materials list, a peer would not be able to produce a very similar product and would likely need to ask questions about colour, materials, dimensions, and educational elements.’ It is evident from this evaluation that I need to further explain my thinking, and write it down on the page.
I believe that a good indicator of my success will be when I present my findings to other students. I can give random students my script/workings and see if they can make sense of it. This will give me a sense of whether or not I have been detailed and methodical with my explanations.

iFolio Post – Empire of the Sun Comic Reflection

    • A vital skill I learned as a result of this process is using Adobe IllustratorI now know how to use Adobe Illustrator. However, it was definitely a challenge that I encountered during this project. Using Adobe Illustrator was a tough new material to learn to use. However, by watching a couple of online videos on using it I was able to understand how to use the technology to my advantage.
    • By using graphic novels , we can create a message through graphic novel conventions. Especially by using this technology to create the graphic novels, as it seamlessly combines the panels and allows you to edit them. Because with text, you can portray the idea directly and indirectly through written prompts, however you cannot show the audience certain aspects of the idea. With images, you can show the idea through imagery, but there are some thoughts and ideas that need to be written down. In this type of media (graphic novels), you can both write the ideas, and also show the audience symbols. When symbols are directly written about, the meaning becomes too blatant. However, by drawing things that need to be said, the meaning is lost. That is why graphic novels, a combination of both text and images, is an important way of using visuals to reveal meaning.
    • I believe that technology is an important part of conveying the ideas. However, the actual ideas do not depend on technology, however the communication of ideas does heavily depend on a specific type of technology; the internet. In order to show an entire audience an idea through a media such as drawing, one needs to do more than just put it in a book (physically), putting it on the internet means that an audience of anywhere from between one thousand and one million can see it.
    • As a final remark, if I were to redo this I would focus more on inking and colouring rather than conveying meaning. I think that I spent too much time on the themes of EotS, rather than the actual designing process.

Waste Not, Want Not III – ATL’s


I was motivated and on task more than most of the time and was almost all the time working to get our work done. I would very rarely get off topic with the rest of our group members (during one time during which we were struggling to formulate an efficient design plan), but even then we would all the time demonstrate resilience and continue on with our work.


All of the time I would work well with my group, and communicate well. We were able to efficiently and quickly work together to finish our task.

Making an effort

All of the time I would give the work my best effort and put in my ideas and evaluate others. I more than most of the time would independently reflect to make sure what I was inputting was of some use instead space consuming emptiness.

Time Management

My time management skills were good, although there were times when we were stressed to finish and rushed. Although we created a good product with our ideas and were able to finish in time, our time management skills as a group when we came together were only most of the time useful and productive.

Waste Not, Want Not II

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 12.10.51 pm


This is my design for our banana package.

I think that if we understood geometry, it could reduce our carbon footprint. If we could improve our understanding of geometry, our designs could improve ergonomically. We would be able to reduce the amount of materials we use, but still have the maximum efficiency. It would be useful for designing things such as packaging that uses paper to reduce our use of paper, for making engines, or furniture (comfort but also minimal use of materials such as leather or wood).


Waste Not, Want Not


The design specifications were as follows:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 10.29.24 am

Unfortunately our first prototype was destroyed, so the picture above is all we have to show.

Our package is easy to open, as we have easily placed straps of tape to open the package.

The package isn’t secure, as there are bits of the banana poking out, and the material is paper, so it would not withstand most natural causes.

Contents are not obvious, as the package reads “Organic apple banana”.

The material prevents the apple from having any read protection.

It is an appropriate size, as it perfectly fits the banana, but isn’t so tight that it acts as a second skin

It is attractive, with its simplistic design and joke on the back (it’s directed at kids)

The packaging is light and doesn’t add on much weight to the banana.

Paper was not the best material to make our package out of, as it is flimsy and not very strong.

iBook on Ebola – Feedback

Hay guys! Just wondering if you could comment how well my group and I have written our iBook? It’s on Ebola and is wicked cool. Something along the lines of the following ideas in your comments would be just GNARLY!


Your comment should include…

– Name

– Grade

– I like how you…

– I wish you had…

– What if you…


Thanks mates, iBook can be accessed by clicking here, enjoy 😀

P.S It will come up as very weird formatted folders and files if you just click it to view it, you’ll need to download it in order to view it. (Remember to open it with iBooks LOL!!!)

The Invitation, 1.5 Challenge – Inviting Gr. 5-6’s to our Book

Science Books – As a Child vs As an Adult I most enjoyed book series “Horrible Science”. This was because of the bright colour included along with all the interesting ways that they presented the information to us. It was like a comic book; a fun book, yet it actually informed us too.

I find that the books directed towards a younger audience have simpler wording and also use more “fun” and bright pictures. They often don’t tell the entire story’s details and all the complicated info, just the basic starters. Adult books have more information, complex wording, and few images. Adults have a better attention span, so they do not require the images that children survive off of to keep themselves interested.

One of the features that made the book interesting to me were the occasional word I thought of as big, such as “disease” or “chaotic”.  Another example would be the brightly coloured images and the comic book style pages were very interesting.

A great part of the books were that the author was able to take a complex ideas and explain it in a simple way, because of their straight to the point way of explaining things instead of explaining all the background information, and also using easy to understand language.

Also, they used interesting images to If there are any Gr 5-6’s reading this, it would be great if you would comment what you think is great in a book.

For everybody who likes memes and did not pay attention to what I just said (don’t blame you), here’s a meme to get you to do what I had intended for you to do during this entire post, enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 9.02.40 am


Oh yes and here are the components of our iPublish challenge;