Memory and Imagination

Memory Imagination
Role in pursuit of knowledge
  • Allows for knowledge to be contained and kept
  • Can build upon earlier learned subject knowledge
  • Allows for one to expand upon, and participate within an area of knowledge; creativity in art, conceptual reasoning within natural sciences
  • Fill in blank spots of your memory with filler information to avoid gaps
  • Personal biases affect how one remembers a turn of events
  • Human error; faulty memory, Alzheimer’s)
  • Makes it difficult to be logical within AOK
  • Differentiates from reality
  • fabricates certain facts when understanding/acquiring knowledge
Link between others
  • sense perception: Our memory can be altered by time, and a sense we felt in the past may not be kept well
  • language: Through the contrived dennotations of words, one may modify conversations or information heard in their past as a result of faulty memory to keep the purpose of the conversation the same, however change the words used
  • emotion: Our emotions affect the way in which we can reimagine reality; sad people make beautiful poetry to escape their reality, as their understanding of the world around them is of such pain to them that they rely on their distortion of reality to help them live

Despite the imperfections of imagination and memory as ways of knowing, the Areas of Knowledge have developed in such as way as to overcome them. Discuss this claim with reference to at least two AOKs.

In History, we use memory as primary sources. These can give us first hand accounts of events that have occured in the past. Although there are often errors within one’s memory, but referring to a larger range of sources, Historians are able to make the distinction between fact and distorted reality.

In the arts, imagination is oft used to create and depict different forms of art. Although imagination is considered unreliable in more logical areas of knowing, in art-based AOK’s it is embraced. One’s creativity stems from their own vivid imagination, and can be harnessed to distort reality in such a way to convey the true meaning of our existence.on TOK Task #6 – Memory & Imagination

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