Art: Practicing TOK thinking

“Without the group to verify it, knowledge is not possible.” Discuss


  • In this claim, it states that individual information is not to be considered knowledge, but rather only shared knowledge. This relates back to the idea of shared vs personal information (exactly what it sounds like; shared amongst a group of people vs only verified/known by one person). However, I do not agree with it. I believe that there is value within the knowledge of the individual that is not impacted by the cognitive biases of the others present in their surroundings. Humans are consistently open to error, therefore it cannot be decided for every context that only shared or individual information is accurate, but rather smarter to accept the value within both.

In the arts there are a variety of different type of information, classified mainly into two; logical and creative. The logical side of information is concrete facts that can be incorporated, or ignored, as the artist wishes. The creative is, alternatively, a source of information that stems from ones own imagination or perception of the world around them, rather than a concrete set of facts that dictate our universe.

All claims in art are open to being shared and discussed. All who view and create art come equipped with their own set of values and beliefs, leading them to have differing opinions from one another. This is, what I believe, to be one of the many beautiful aspects of art; the diversity. All claims are open to suggestion and discussion as there is no one right or wrong answer, but rather a selection of answers to debate and play around with to gain a desired effect.

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