What is Art?

  • Unlike The Arts, Science tells us something valuable about the world.
  • Science is concerned with the world around us, therefore on some level it does inform us of valuable information about the world around us. However, is this to say that only scientific knowledge is valuable? Is our own morality, best conveyed through artwork as stated in the article, not of any importance to the general populous? For example, in the article it states that ‘When standing in front of Ai Weiwei’s work for example, we might develop a different sense of knowing about corruption and human rights than simply reading a newspaper about these issues.’ . This is a clear statement of how artwork can be used to convey information to us about the world around us. Therefore, while this claim is true (in the sense that Science tells us valuable information about the world as it is information based solely on the world around us), it is not to say that the Arts do not provide this same level of importance, if not greater, of insight into our world.

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