Pure logic is only concerned with the structure of arguments. The validity of an argument is independent of the truth or falsity of its premises.

I agree with this argument. In my opinion, logic is the thought process and system for determining the framework of arguments. It does not determine whether or not an argument will be true or false, as it is rather a way to structure reasoning rather than a specific truth. Pure logic is reasoning that can be applied to a wide variety of situations, but does not determine the extent to which the argument one makes will or will not be accurate.

As an example, drugs;

  1. Consistent drug use can alter ones brain chemistry
  2. Altering ones brain chemistry can result in long term detrimental effects to ones mental health

Conclusion: drugs are bad.

While this argument is, in fact, logical, it is not accurate in all situations. Drug abuse can, and often is, a bad decision that has harmful consequences, however could the same logic not be applied to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy? Chemotherapy has numerous health consequences, however in the longterm can cure one of their cancer. Therefore, the aforementioned argument cannot be applied to this example without being inaccurate. Furthermore, antidepressants;

  1. The SSRIs John’s psychiatrist prescribed him made him want to jump off a roof
  2. Jumping off of roofs can lead to death

Conclusion: SSRIs lead to suicide

Often Bipolar disorder is misdiagnosed as its more common cousin depression, and the patient is prescribed SSRI’s. Their consistent ingestion of this species of antidepressants can lead to an increased risk of suicide, as a result of the way the inhibitor reacts with their brain chemistry. Is this to suggest that SSRIs are, inherently, bad? No, it is not. It was a human error, that one could apply subjective logic to to question the reliability of antidepressants as a whole.


Therefore, pure logic is not concerned with the accuracy of its argument, but rather the general ideals and reasoning surrounding all arguments.

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