“The vagueness and ambiguity of language always limits the production of knowledge”

It should be aforementioned that in different regions across the world, different words have very, very different connotations. Take, for example, the word ‘moist’. Maybe it makes you shudder, or mayb;e it makes you moist. If you’re like me, that’ll make you uncomfortable. I was brought up for the greater half of my life in the UK, which most likely lead me to despise said adjective. I should probably give you some context…

In 2016, a least liked word survey was done in the UK. 

Betty Crocker, a famous renowned N’American brand, has this popular selling item.

So what caused this discrepancy in meaning? Cultural, or lack thereof, differences. If even within one language there is such variance, what is to be expected to be lost between two complete opposite languages?

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