WOK Language and Concepts

  • Write about two separate networks that use the ways of knowing. The first network uses the ways of knowing to produce knowledge in the natural sciences while the second network uses the ways of knowing to acquire knowledge in the natural sciences. Each network should have a minimum of two ways of knowing in it.

Production of knowledge:

  • Sense Perception
  • Imagination
  • Reason

Sense perception comes into play in terms of qualitative observations, which can really help in understanding when doing experiments. Imagination is needed to come up with now ideas/ experiments to try out, since we’re trying to produce new knowledge. Finally, reason is used because we need to come up for an explanation for the data/results that we find, as well as come up with a hypothesis before we do our experiment.

Acquisition of Knowledge:

  • Sense Perception
  • Language
  • Faith

Language is important in the acquisition of knowledge because it is the main way we communicate ideas and concepts to one another. Sense perception can help in understanding these concepts, as visually seeing, hearing, touching, smelling etc things can really aid in a better grasp of the knowledge. Finally, faith is required because we have to trust the people that came up with this knowledge. Since we aren’t the ones producing it, we’re just accepting facts/ theories that others have created.

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