TOK Post: History of Natural Sciences

What were five key events in the Historical Development of the Natural Science?

Isaac Newton helped make the Scientific Method more well known, and now it is very commonly used in nearly all studies. So I think that the spread of this method has really developed the way we discover things now.

Invention of microscopes. Being able to see objects smaller than the human eye can see has allowed us to know more about an entirely new “world”.

Industrial revolution. This one isn’t a development in “natural science”, but I think it has significance because the industrial revolution allowed us to develop our civilisation further, and this led us to have time other than just feeding ourselves and keeping ourselves alive. Therefore, we wouldn’t be as advanced with where we are now if not for the industrial revolution.

Theoretical Sciences/ thinking. I think that being able to come up with theories that we may not be able to see/ easily prove has significantly helped develop our understanding of natural sciences.

The concept of Hypothesis. Being able to come up with hypothesis has allowed us to think more critically about our experiments that we are conducting.

Is it inevitable that the Historical Development of the N.S.’s has lead us to our current way of doing N.S.? Why or why not?

Yes. Absolutely?? As we learn more things within the Natural Sciences, we also learn more about how to learn things within the Natural Sciences. Having a general understanding of the basics in natural science (which can be considered historical development) can really allow us to understand that scope within natural science to conduct more accurate experiments. If we didn’t do any experiments/ have discoveries in the past, we wouldn’t know how to conduct experiments/ have any concept of them at all.

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