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In what ways does this quote help us to understand the methodology in Natural Science?


I think that this quote helps us understand Natural Science’s methodology in the way that our methodology re-inforces this quote. In the scientific method, we are open to new ideas and theories, but our method also helps to make sure that the data we find is reliable enough to be considered knowledge. In one way, we want to try new things, but we are also skeptical of them. This contradiction really helps to find the truth or the knowledge within that fits into both categories: It’s a new idea/concept, but it also makes sense, and is “indestructible” where we can’t find something wrong with it.


What is Karl Popper’s theory of Falsification?

The theory suggests that we can’t ever prove things right, so instead scientists should try everything to refute their hypothesis. So we can’t prove it wrong, it must be right! right?

How is it different from the way most people view Natural Science?

Most people try to prove something right, and possibly find an explanation or reason for why something is correct, instead of finding reasons for it to be wrong. Even if we can’t find something wrong with our claim, that doesn’t instantly make it correct.

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