Community and Service Inside and Outside the School

Inside the school:


So during this semester, I did a lot of community service inside the school. I have volunteered to help out at the Parents Night to help  parents find their way.  I have also sung Christmas songs to the little kids with other grade sevens.

So What?

For singing to the kids, my experience was not really what I expected, which was just a bunch of grade 7’s singing, but I found it was a lot more fun because me and my friends sang together and we smiled and laughed a lot. Overall, I felt happy singing and it was even better that we were entertaining the kids.


For helping the parents at parents night, even though I was just standing in one place it was hard work because I had to lift up signs for a long time and I also had to talk a lot and guide the parents the right way. Overall, I think that it was good that I helped because I know the parents would have trouble finding certain rooms like the G7&8 Art room or the Drama Room. It was a good experience overall.

Now What?

I had a lot of fun doing these activities and more around the school and I would like to volunteer when more opportunities like this come up.

For Community and Service Outside the School:

For community and service outside the school, me and my friend got together and did a beach cleanup on a small beach not far from where we live. We collected 10 bags of trash.


So What?

I was really surprised seeing all that trash because it really was a small beach and from first glance looked like it had no trash. But as we got closer we found tons of styrofoam and plastic under the bushes and bits of plastic on the beach. I think this really shows that if a small beach could contain 10+ bags of trash then our environment is really bad, and I think doing this beach cleanup has helped. I know that just a small beach won’t do much, but now we have 10 bags of trash to not worry about anymore.

Now What?

I think the reason there is so much trash isn’t because people visit it and litter, but because the ocean washes it up. I think people really have to stop throwing things in the sea and killing marine life as well as wrecking our environment. Even though I have done 1 beach clean up n Grade 6, I would like to do more because seeing so much trash really bothered me and it felt good cleaning it all up independently. 


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