Comparing Human and Natural Science

1 question developed from NS: 

What effects do molten lava erupted from a volcano have on the water system in the homes of those living in Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar? (What happens when water and lava meets?)

1 question developed from HS:

Due to the geographical location of Heimaey, Vestmannaeyjar, are Volcanos are a natural occurrence in this region of Iceland?

Hypothesis: When molten lava from a volcano come into with the water system in Vestmannaeyjar, a phreatomagmatic eruption will occur. This causes ash and fragmentation to be produced through the eruption, thus the intended lava flow will be replaced with an explosion, causing deteriorating effects to the surrounding environment.

Method/Tools of Collection: Artifical lava can be made and combined with water from the water system in Vestmannaeyjar. This allows the explosion to be observed.

Techniques for Analyzing Data: 

  1. Quantitative: Determine the energy of explosion through Brode’s method. This can be done by measuring the pressure before and after the explosion.
  2. Qualitative: Compare the explosion and the effects with other trials of explosion. Note the effects of the explosion.

Compare the reliability/certainty of the knowledge your experts will acquire. 

1. In HS, we see the theoretical effects of an explosion from a volcano. What is expected to happen, versus what would actually happen

2. In NS, due to experimentation, we can see what would most likely happen.

Identify the factors that contribute to (or take away from) reliability/certainty.

  1. In NS, we don’t take into account of external factors as variables are controlled in experiments.





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