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Blues Solo Composition First Draft

17 Mar , 2016  

This unit, we have been looking into blues music, playing scales and jazz/blues songs. We have also learned how to compose blues music using the Concert F blues scale (Bb instrument: F, Ab, Bb, B, b, Eb and F) and have inquired into different techniques that make blues music. The PDF bellow is my blues solo composition for music. Tones 1, 3, 5 and 7 sounds the best for blues music, which is most of the notes that I’ve incorporated into my composition. My piece so far is rhythmically strong but not quite balanced. I think I need to add dynamics and articulation markings to make my piece more interesting and smooth. The artist in residence, Mr. Scott Taitoko has also given us some tips for composing a blues solo. We could use notes from the major scale thirds in our solos as well.

Please give me some feedback as to what you think should be improved so that it sounds better. Thanks!

Blues Solo Composition First Draft

Recording of my Composition:


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Humanities Design Day

16 Mar , 2016  

Today, we had our second Design Day session. We were taught techniques that make a good movie and application of those techniques.

Firstly, we came up with examples of the techniques that helped create a high-quality movie We have explored a few movies with the setting in Hong Kong and we also looked into storytelling. The main task of the day was to make a 30 seconds-60 seconds long video. It was about saving the school from being removed because of the MTR construction. (See video bellow)

By exploring how to make a good movie, I figured that scripting and planning ahead were things that we should always do when making a movie. Our movie was 30 seconds over the time limit. It was more storytelling than “saving CDNIS” and introducing the school. I think our group worked efficiently, we all contributed ideas and cooperated well when working on this task. Time management of our group was okay and can be improved. We spent slightly too much time on filming and rushed through the editing part. On top of all, I think we need to work on shrinking and limiting our ideas and instead, really focus on the purpose.

Things I’ve learned:

1. Making shot lists. (what is it, why we need to do that…)

2. Aspects to consider when creating a movie. (techniques that make a successful movie)

3. “Story is King” and the story spine.

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Match Me If You Can! Task

1 Feb , 2016  

Attached is my Match Me If You Can! task. We had to copy the music our teacher gave us and make an exact version of it using Final Notepad. This is my first time using Final Notepad to compose and create sheet music. I find that this is a very easy task and this application is direct and clear. All the tools are laid out in windows so I can drag it in or select it. Knowing how to use this tool is going to be very helpful when we’re going to create our own Blues Music later. I’m looking forward to composing my very own music.

Match Me If You Can!-Zuri PDF 7D

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Music Theory and Practical Test Response

18 Dec , 2015  

I think that I did a very good job on both tests. The tests turned out to be not  as hard as I thought it would be because I spent time practicing for  both tests, playing the piece at home every day for around 15 minutes and understanding the idea behind the circle of fifths. According to the practical test, I need to improve on the articulation, making sure to tongue and slur the notes on the right spot. For the theory part, I would need to work on the placing accidentals for the semitones.

Naming and knowing the value of the notes was not hard at all. However, at first, I wasn’t sure on how the key signatures worked. I had no idea what the circle of fifths is, nor how it works. When Ms. Lovett explained it to the class, I then understood it and it instantly became easy for me. She taught us acronyms that we could use for remembering the order of the keys, then she talked about accidentals for each major go in order, one sharp and one flat to six sharps and six flats.

I’m satisfied with the grades I got for these two tests. This is only my first Music test in the MYP and I believe there is still room to improve, whether if it’s about playing or the theory part. I can improve my tonguing and slurring by practicing pieces that involve more articulation, requiring a better skill of tonguing and breathing. I think that by improving on my work, it allows me to push myself and become a better musician.

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My Design Personal Logo

1 Dec , 2015  

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.28.57 am



The image above is my personal logo that I created for this Design unit. This project wasn’t as simple and as straightforward as I thought it would be, it required many skills (such as time management, organization and creativity). The grade sevens needed to make a logo that could represent their identity. We created our logos during English class. We first learned what makes an effective logo, then we brainstormed different identities and characteristics of ourselves, finally we made the logo on Adobe Illustrator.

My logo turned out to be great. I enjoyed making my logo and experiencing the MYP Design process for the first time. I started from struggling on what I should do to having my current logo. Some parts in this process were quite challenging, like recording the creation process with screenshots and captions of problems that I went through. On the other hand, creating the logo on Adobe Illustrator was actually quite easy for me, since I had previous experience with using Illustrator.

How about you? What do you think about my logo? Do you have any suggestions for me to improve? Do you think my logo represents my identity and my characteristics? Please comment down below, thank you!

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Feeding Hong Kong Service Day

26 Nov , 2015  

On Friday, we went to a food bank, Feeding Hong Kong. Feeding Hong Kong is an organization that works with other charities in Hong Kong to distribute cooked, non-perishable food (such as canned food, biscuits, dried noodles, etc) to those charities for those that are less fortunate around Hong Kong. Hong Kong produces nearly 3,200 tonnes of food waste per day, sending all the food that is edible into landfills. Hong Kong also has the largest wealth gap (gap between the rich and the poor) compared to other places around the world. These are severe problems that should be solved immediately. I think that Feeding Hong Kong is an organisation that can truly help the people in need. They collect edible food and store the food in the warehouse to then later deliver to all the partner charities to provide the food to people in need. More companies should participate and send their food to these food banks, we should also have bigger networks of these food banks to hopefully provide 3 meals for most people every day.

We had a lot of planning and organization to do before the service day. First, we had to prepare boxes for students, parents and staffs of CDNIS to put the non-perishable food in. Next, everyone who was participating in this activity had to go to grade 7 and 8 classes and talked about the food collection process. Before we went to the Feeding Hong Kong office, we had to go collecting all the boxes placed around the school. People donated a lot of food, we had a total of 20 boxes (260 kg, providing 619 meals). I’m happy that within 4 days, we collected that many food for those who are in need. I think that the people who are receiving the food in Christmas are also going to be very happy.

IMG_0165 IMG_0181


Guest Speaker Ray Zahab

18 Nov , 2015  

Ray Zahab is a Canadian ultramarathon runner and the founder of the organization, i2P (Impossible to Possible) that came and spoke to us about all his adventures this morning. He is known for trekking long distances in different biomes around the world. He dropped out of college and started smoking (about 1-2 packs per day). His brother is a professional athlete and is a really confident person, and under his brother’s influence, Mr. Zahab decides to just start running and quits smoking. Mr. Zahab introduced to us some of his experiences and  interesting stories of the adventures he has been to. He  like to go on an adventure because he finds that he could learn a lot of new things of people and culture all around the world, which make him become a more open-minded person. His goal is to educate, inform and empower young adults and students from around the world that everything is possible and feasible if you put your mind to it. I like Ray Zahab’s humble, open-minded and risk-taking attitude.


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Ensemble Development in Music

13 Nov , 2015  

Recently in Music, we’ve played a song called Wild Card (by Brian Appleby). This is a song that helped our class develop a stronger ensemble skill. This song has 3 different playing parts (Transposing Pitches) to it, so it requires good cooperation with other parts/instruments in order to make the entire piece sounds good and smooth together. The piece Wild Card also involve a couple of musical textures that we need to know about when playing this song. For example, there are monophonic (one voice/sound) and homophonic parts (same sound) in this piece. The different textures are scattered around the different sections in this song, so in order to successfully play the song we need to figure and work out the texture of each section as an ensemble.

As part of an ensemble, it is important to be aware of the other instruments in the band as well. I think that being in a part of an ensemble isn’t just working together with the other instruments, but also being mindful of how you sound. I always have to make sure that I’m not playing too loudly over the other instruments, nor too softly where the volume is too low that it doesn’t go with the sound of the clarinets. As a part of the band, I would need to do my own practices at home.  Music classes are the times where the band rehearses together and plays it as an ensemble.

I liked Wild Card, it is a great song with a catchy beat. Additionally, I think that some of my playing skills have improved after playing this song, especially my tonguing. I’ve also learnt more about the forms (Rondo) of music with this piece. Wild Card is a great song to start off the year.


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Puyi Comic

9 Nov , 2015  

This is a comic that I’ve created about Puyi. It is a summative assessment for Humanities to show our knowledge and express that through a comic. This is the first time for me to create a comic and I think the comic turned out really well.

In my comic, I have tried to balance both text and images to suite different preference of the audience. What I mean is that some readers are more of a visual learner that prefer more images or photos when learning about something and others might like to learn by reading explanations to the events. That’s why I have tried to put clear, real-time photos and included a caption for most pages to summarize the events that have happened.

Since this is the first time for me to use the tool Comic Life to create my comic, I think that some skills have been developed throughout the process. I would say that the skill I have acquired the most on is critical thinking. I used a completely new tool to create this comic and it had involved a lot of planning before actually making it. Then when I actually started designing the comic strips, I had to use a limited amount of space wisely, while as mentioned before, including photos and captions for most of the frames. I also had to be aware of my time management skills. At first, I thought that creating a comic seemed really easy and it isn’t really time consuming. However, I found myself struggling a little to get this comic done, even though I spent a lot of time working on it.

Here’s my comic. Please take a look at it and give me some feedback by commenting down below on what I can or should improve on the next time when making a comic. Thanks! 🙂

PuYi 1931-1945 Comic PDF

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Puyi Unit

9 Nov , 2015  

In this unit, I’ve developed knowledge and understanding on Puyi. This 3-2-1 activity that I’ve done shows my prior knowledge and understandings gained after learning about him. I think this is a great way to show understanding. It is easy to complete, and the table can also clearly show my thoughts.

Click HERE to check out my 3-2-1 thoughts on Puyi


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