Prezi (My Discoveries)

10 Oct , 2013  

This is my first Prezi.  Prezi is a online visual creator that is very creative and visualizes your work in a cooler way. This Prezi shows my discoveries in my life. I’m very proud of the work I did and I am looking forward on my next Prezi presentation!!

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Final Experiment for Experiment Unit

9 Oct , 2013  

On Thursday, we conducted our final experiment for the unit, it is also one part of our summative assessment. It was an improved version of the previous “Parachute Experiment”. In this improved version, we tried to make sure it’s a fair test and with less human errors. Our variable was the style of the parachute, (double parachute, parachute , parachute with a hole and a normal one). Through this experiment our group discovered that the normal parachute was the  best style of parachute. We also had to write our own conclusion. This is because we’d previously learned about writing a successful conclusion.

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Fabric Parachute Experiment

17 Sep , 2013  

This is my fabric parachute experiment. It shows the complete process of a scientific experiment as well as the results of my experiment. The experiment was very successful, we had a fantastic time on experimenting. We found out light materials like paper and plastic bag is the best material for the parachute, the worst material for a parachute is 100% cotton.

Please click here for my experiment.

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Vote For Ruby!

9 Sep , 2013  

Bellow is a link on voting for our Chinese White Dolphins, Ruby. This project was created by WWF because the would like to raise awareness on our Hong Kong Marine life.  There are only 61 dolphins left in the HK area, they all live near the airport runways. However, Hong Kong government is planning to expand the runways, it is going to pollute and destroy their habitats! The government isn’t really protecting our sea creatures much, if the WWF gets 100,000 votes, the government will try to protect all the dolphins in Hong Kong area.

For more information, you can also go to the site and check it out…

Once again, please vote for Ruby!!

Vote Ruby link


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Rubber Band Experiment

6 Sep , 2013  

Bellow is a experiment that we did on Friday to see which rubber band has the most elasticity, it is about our unit of inquiry (experiments). We have to follow a proper scientific method to complete this task.

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Learner User Manual

4 Sep , 2013  

Hi people, this is my awesome learner user manual!!! It shows my learning styles and how I learn!

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My First Post

2 Sep , 2013  

Hi, welcome to Zuri’s blog. I’ve finally created my first post in my new and AMAZING blog!!


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