My Amazing Story!!!

7 Jan , 2014  

Bellow is my short story that I’ve been working very hard on, please read the iBook:

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Turtle Art with Mr. Staggeo

22 Dec , 2013  

On Tuesday, we experimented a variety of  techniques and tools on Turtle Art with the special guest speaker (technology teacher), Mr. Gary Staggeo. Our first task was to spell our name out with simple tools, then we explored some repeating tools. After, we needed to create and draw out something that relates to Christmas. At last we explored a website ( When you drag an image from the gallery to Turtle art, you can see what others have  used to create their drawings. I think Turtle Art is a great tool that can develop creative minds.

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Week 3 of Genius Hour (19/12/13)

22 Dec , 2013  

This week we continued on making soap. It went really successful, though we (me and Hannah) spent the whole recess staying in class to clean up!!:( Anyways, the plan for the next session of Genius Hour is going to be packaging our skin care products into colourful wrapping papers or in nice looking containers. We might organise a day during the Christmas holidays to work out if there are enough amount of skin care products and sort out the packaging stuff. Yay!

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Week 2 of Genius Hour

15 Dec , 2013  

For genius hour this week, me and Hannah started to make the soap. We came up with a different way to make soap by changing and adding some procedures on the recipe from the internet. First, we melted all the unscented natural soap in the microwave for 1 minutes. Then, we started to add natural ingredients such as almonds, oatmeals, orange skin and some essential oils etc. so that we could have a stronger smell. Afterwards, when pouring the liquids into the mold, me and Hannah discovered that the liquid actually condenses really quick when turning into soap! Still, we decided to leave it in room temperature for  a weekend. It turns out that we’re very successful in this stage of our genius hour project!

Here are some photos of us creating the soap:


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1st Trial of Turtle Art

12 Dec , 2013  

Next Tuesday, Gary Stageo (a technology teacher person) will come to our school and work with us on an application called  Turtle Art. Our job today was to experiment with different functions and techniques on this application. This is also my first time on using the application. Turtle Art has a turtle in the middle of the window, and we are supposed to use the turtle and the functions to create an art/image. Bellow is a screenshot of what I did during this session.

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First Week of Genius Hour Round 2!

29 Nov , 2013  

YEAH!! We succeed on planning and finding out more on the creation of skin-care products. We have completed what we expected to do. This week, me and Hannah worked efficiently and used our time wisely. Instead of making soap, me and Hannah changed our purpose to create skin care products that are eco-friendly and promoting them . We have collected different online and book resources for recipes for making skin-care products.

Here is our Google doc!


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Coding Again

28 Nov , 2013  

Do you like carrots?

Just testing:)…

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Genius Hour Project Presentation !!!

22 Nov , 2013  

OMG! Today we presented our genius hour project to 5E and 5D! I presented my calendar to different people and they needed to give me some feedback (2 stars and a wish). Afterwards, we needed to reflect back on our entire project. This is the end of GENIUS HOUR ROUND 1, I’m really looking forward on ROUND 2 next week! Very excited.

My google presentation:

P.S. I’m might be doing a project with Hannah on making soap!!!:)

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Coding Today

21 Nov , 2013   Gallery

Today, we had another section on coding/programming with Dr. Turner. In today’s period, we learnt how to code on our blog and went on a new site called Code Academy. At first, when we’re listening and watching in the library pit,  I felt  extremely bored, but when we started coding in our classroom it was very fun and I learnt a lot more that just listening.  I’m really waiting forward on continuing the programming sections!!

P.S.My previous post was about coding, please try it out, though you might need a lot of patient!!

Here are some photos on Code Academy:


Home Sweet Home!,Programming


21 Nov , 2013  

Try this Out!:)

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