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My Logo Competition

25 Feb , 2015  

Zuri's PYP Exhibition LogoIMG_2789

The 2 images above are my exhibition logo that I’ve created, 1 is the plan, the other is the final product. We creat this logo by using Adobe Illustrator, which is a completely new software for most of us. All of us started with nothing, to a draft plan and finally to a unique logo. Adobe Illustrator is definitely a useful tool for many things in our lives, such as graphic designs, images and company logos. During the creation, many people had different problems. Problems with drawing, using the complicated tool bars, saving, adding photos, shaping, sizing and many more. I had problems with moving my drawings to the big square, some of the images didn’t show up because it was sent backwards, then I had to recreate some of my drawings. It was frustrating at some points and I wanted to just delete everything and started over again. In the process of creating this logo, I collaborated with my friend, Andrea. We helped each other and gave each other advices on improving the logo.

Presentation of Adobe Illustrator




Design,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,PYP,Sharing the planet,STP,Visual Arts

My Mask

2 Dec , 2014  

Photo on 25-11-14 at 12.29

The picture above is a mask that I created during the STP unit. Every student in the grade designed their own mask with a different type of power, which resulted in different consequences and affections of relationships. Before creating the mask, we completed a draft plan of exactly how the mask was going to look like, so then we wouldn’t mess up or have tons of mistakes when actually making the masks. We also needed to use some of the principles and elements of art to help us make our masks.

I chose to do a mask that had the ability to hide the wearer’s emotions because everyone has some experiences that they don’t want to share with others, no matter if its a sad or happy thing. If people can hide their emotions, then no one would know how you feel inside and they can’t tell how or what you’re thinking.

My mask has the power and ability to hide the wearer’s emotions. I used bright coloured feathers to represent happiness and excitement, a pale face with pinkish blush(you can’t really see clearly from the picture) to represent embarrassment and nervousness, blue jewels and tear drop gems(again, can’t see it really well) to represent sadness, a thick and black brow to represent anger and frustration, stretched chin for surprised and a mouth wide open for scared. My mask can help improve relationships but can also make relationships between people worser.

This mask activity was one of my favourite task in the whole unit. I think my mask is very creative and unique. Next time I think I should improve on time management, because I took too long to complete my mask and also to find and gather all the material needed for creating my mask before starting it.

Click HERE for my mask explanation document for more detailed information on my mask!

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