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Research on New Unit

22 Jan , 2014  

The attached PDF file is a research we did on BrainPop. The topic is on puberty, adolescence, growth and hormones. We sorted out and presented our information through a lotus diagram. I actually learned a lot on this task, but I still think it’s kind of discussing to talk as well as learn about it.

WWA-Lotus diagram (4 topics)PDF

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My HWOO Unit Reflection

20 Jan , 2014  

The link bellow is my HWOO unit reflection. This unit is about governance and I learned how the different system of governance works and the affections on different organisations and individuals in the society. This unit is BORING, but I learnt a lot.

Click here to see my unit reflection

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Lindt Lindor Advertisement Survey

20 Nov , 2013  

For the past week, we conducted a survey on different advertisements to see which ones were the most persuasive. We formed groups and each group needed to have a few advertisements on a brand, product or idea. For our group we chose the chocolate brand Lindt Lindor. We had 5 different Lindt advertisements for people to choose. Our results shown that the Simply Irresistible (ad. 4) was the most persuasive because of the layout, color contrast and idea were of high-quality. After the surveys, we needed to use Pages to present our group’s and my find-outs through the advertisement survey.

Here is my PDF version on my findings:

Lindt Lindor Advertisement Survey PDF

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HWEO Unit Reflection

20 Nov , 2013  

Below is my reflection of this unit. This unit is about communication and our central idea is “Communication in it’s many forms facilitates connections.” The communication unit is ending THIS WEEK. In this unit, I learn about the different forms of communications, how to overcome the barriers on each type of communication, the connections made when communicating and the purpose as well as knowing the audience when communicating.

Please click here to see my unit reflection!

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Building Blocks Reflection

29 Oct , 2013  

We did an activity in class on building blocks. In this game, we learned about the different ways to communicate as well as the barriers on communication through building blocks. We had different roles and forms of communication, afterwards we did a small reflection about each round. In this game, our group found out that oral language and hand gestures were the easiest way to communicate. It maybe because that we use them in our every-day life. The hardest was drawing the blocks out on paper.

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HTWW Unit Reflection

11 Oct , 2013  

This is my final reflection for the unit. This reflection shows what I’ve learned during this unit and some evidence as well as thoughts. Furthermore, I would like to take more action on this unit (as it’s one of my goals).

Here is my reflection


Prezi (My Discoveries)

10 Oct , 2013  

This is my first Prezi.  Prezi is a online visual creator that is very creative and visualizes your work in a cooler way. This Prezi shows my discoveries in my life. I’m very proud of the work I did and I am looking forward on my next Prezi presentation!!

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Final Experiment for Experiment Unit

9 Oct , 2013  

On Thursday, we conducted our final experiment for the unit, it is also one part of our summative assessment. It was an improved version of the previous “Parachute Experiment”. In this improved version, we tried to make sure it’s a fair test and with less human errors. Our variable was the style of the parachute, (double parachute, parachute , parachute with a hole and a normal one). Through this experiment our group discovered that the normal parachute was the  best style of parachute. We also had to write our own conclusion. This is because we’d previously learned about writing a successful conclusion.

Please click here!!

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Fabric Parachute Experiment

17 Sep , 2013  

This is my fabric parachute experiment. It shows the complete process of a scientific experiment as well as the results of my experiment. The experiment was very successful, we had a fantastic time on experimenting. We found out light materials like paper and plastic bag is the best material for the parachute, the worst material for a parachute is 100% cotton.

Please click here for my experiment.

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Rubber Band Experiment

6 Sep , 2013  

Bellow is a experiment that we did on Friday to see which rubber band has the most elasticity, it is about our unit of inquiry (experiments). We have to follow a proper scientific method to complete this task.

Please click here


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