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Thinking About my Progress… (Exhibition Reflection #14)

16 Mar , 2015  

Today, we shared with a partner from another exhibition group our process journals (how we organize stuff, work that we’ve done, explaining some of the challenging or successful work etc.). I thought that it was a great chance to. However, since our groups are all on different stages, some might be researching, some might be organizing all their resources and some might be experimenting with their art form, sometimes it’s confusing for me to keep track and keep organized on my work. I was a bit worried when I saw that some other groups had done a lot of research, I’m scared that I might start falling behind and end up not being able to finish our work, but then Mrs. Ferrari told us it’s ok because we have different amount of skills and information to research on, so some groups might spend more time to experiment, while others are already thinking ahead and starting to plan their final product.

I think that I need to start working much more effectively and efficiently. I feel like sometimes I might be spending too much time on the minor things and too little for the important things that should be completed in depth. I thought I did pretty well on organizing all my work (especially in my process journal) and keeping track of where my things might be (tuning in presentations in my learning to lear sketchbooks, all my exhibition work filed in my white folder, experimentations in white folder and reflections on my blog). In this stage, I feel like I should dedicate more time to research, not just reading the information, but highlighting and/or taking some notes to help me. 4 more weeks left, I’m not as confident as I was in the beginning, but I’m sure that I could finish all my work in time, but I’m also a bit worried on the time that I have to create my final product.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

First Mentor Meeting (Exhibition Reflection #13)

13 Mar , 2015  

I decided to do my reflections in a new way (just a trial for 2 days). The image bellow is my reflection for today.

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 22.47.46

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,PYP,UOI

More Planning, Experimenting and Researching (Exhibition Reflection #12)

11 Mar , 2015  

Today at exhibition time, we started coming up with our lines of inquiry, supporting questions and key concepts. Mrs. Ferrari told us that it’s ok to make some adjustments or changes even though we’ve already came up with the lines of inquiry, central idea and/or supporting questions. I thought of the lines of inquiry and together, we improved my idea and made it into a better one. We also came up with some supporting questions. However, today we had some issues on contributing and sharing our ideas, (aka overall not participating that effectively…). I noticed that my team members weren’t really focusing, maybe each of us occasionally does that, but today we definitely had some problems. The whole feeling of the collaboration environment was gone, it didn’t felt normal. Once I noticed what happened, I first tried to ask them questions of what they thought of and guided them back in, but then they just kept on “ummm….ing”, then I decided that I should just told them how I felt. I said to them that I noticed something’s wrong with our overall participation today. It sort of helped the problems and we got some planning done as well afternoon. I think a lot has happened this week, maybe we’re just really sleepy and busy.

We decided that we are going to start interviewing people/experts in photography. I already have my own list of people that I want to interview, so does Audrey and Kylie. What we’re going to do tomorrow is that we’re going to form a new list of people that we’re actually going to interview (picked from all of our lists). We are also planning to do a dark room experimentation sometime next week, which is going to be outside of school. Tomorrow, we are going to have our 1st mentor meeting, we are ready for it.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Coming up With our Group’s Central Idea (Exhibition Reflection #11)

10 Mar , 2015  

Today, our group discussed about what we wanted to focus on during the exhibition. We combined what we wanted to do together and came up with our central idea. Our group’s main focus is that we’re going to take photos of everyday lives which can catch people’s eyes and impact their feelings by using film and digital cameras. During the “finding out” part of the inquiry, we are going to interview around 4 experts on photography, try developing film photos in a dark/black room and also learning different photographic skills and applying them in our photographs during the process. We still haven’t decide on our key concepts, lines of inquiry and supporting questions to support our research.

Additionally, it’s now confirmed that I’m going to have my 1st mentor meeting on Thursday, so I’m pretty happy about it. However, I’m also kind of freaking-out because I have no idea what we’re going to discuss about and what we need to do to prepare. Most of my friends had their mentor meeting today, they said it wasn’t that hard and the mentors gave them lots of advices and suggestions to either improve on or to focus on.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Mrs. DC Photography Session (Exhibition Reflection #10)

9 Mar , 2015  

Today, we had a double period to work together in our exhibition groups. Our group split the time in half. One was to organize ourselves and went through the files and folders on Google Docs and we also discussed and shared some useful information to do with photography. The other half was to see Mrs. DC because she wanted to share something with us.

The whole grade 6 whose doing photography worked with Mrs. DC for a period and she introduced us some of useful and interesting websites that has many good examples of photography plus the techniques involved in photography. First, she told us what photography was / the definition of photography. Then, she introduced us to a Facebook page, Austarlia.com where there’s a lot of photos of Australia taken in many different ways which were very unique and creative. Some of the photos might not necessary have the focus in the middle, some might add a really interesting feeling by using depth of field… I also decided to do both of my photo critiques this week from 1 of the photos on the page. She also came up with some suggestions on what skills and techniques most of us should focus on during the process. Finally, she led us to Pintrest and told us that we could consider using Pintrest to put all the interesting information we’ve found and pin it on our boards (which is something that I’m already doing).It is surprising that there’s so much tips as well as the bits and pieces to photography. I am now even clearer on what I should do during the “Finding Out” process of the exhibition,

I also sent and received an email from my mentor (which I found out is an assistant of business and operation) today. We are going to have our first mentor meeting on Thursday afternoon, but the precise time is still not yet confirmed. I’m pretty excited because we could start getting advice on what we’re going to do and have a clearer direction/path on doing our research/interviews/experiments.

BTW, here’s something I’ve done today for home learning:

Manual Mode 1st Trial Collage

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Photography Skills Pre-assessment (Exhibition Reflection #9)

8 Mar , 2015  

We did our pre-assessment today. Instead of doing a reflection on a blog post, I decided to do my daily reflection for my pre-assessment on a Google Doc so I could put it in my process journal.

Here’s the link to the Google Doc:


Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Kath Murdoch Session (Exhibition Reflection #8)

5 Mar , 2015  

Today, Kath Murdoch came in to 6C and taught the teachers and us how to participate in a group effectively and working together as a group. I was very lucky to have her go to 6C (I’m sort of part of 6C in exhibition time). It was extremely useful for her to discuss with us with the topic of effective participation, because that’s one of the problems that I bet we’re going to have when working together in my group. I can now observe carefully and see if any of my group members aren’t participating. For example, I can now ask their opinions on the topic when they’re not participating or if they’re “over participating”, I might not feel happy inside, but I’ll just fake it and give them some suggestions to improve or validate their work in a nicer way. We also formed questions as a group together that related to the central idea and our art form, then connected each of the questions to one of the key concepts.

Tomorrow, we are going to do our pre-assessment. We planned to use different cameras to take photos of the same object/background and see the different effects of each photo. We are going to use a digital camera, a Instax/instant camera and a iPhone to see and compare the differences.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Cooperation Game (Exhibition Reflection #7)

4 Mar , 2015  

Today, we played a game with our exhibition group. The game was that we needed to start at 1 line, crossed the ocean that had sharks which would kill us and we needed to arrive at the other line safely. Mrs. Ferrari only gave us 3 lilly pads (depending on the people in each group) and once 1 of us steps on the floor, all of us had to go back to the starting line and start over again. It was somewhat challenging, but then Kylie came up with an really effective idea that really helped us through. We actually did pretty well, if the other team didn’t accidentally pushed Audrey (who’s on the last pad) off, we could’ve gotten 1st place, so we had to restart all over again. However, we encouraged each other and we told Audrey that it wasn’t her fault and the main point was that we got to cooperate together to complete a certain task assigned. Then we started again and completed the game. We all agreed that this game helped us with our communication skills, collaborating skills and thinking skills. We communicated really well and we also stuck with the idea the Kylie had, even though we might had some troubles in the first time. This game was really helpful to play in this stage. I thought that our group communicated really well and performed really well. I can now apply these skills that I’ve learnt and discuss today on our exhibition.

Another thing is that we found out who our mentor is, he’s called Daniel Chow and all of us had NO idea of who he is, even Mrs. Ferrari (don’t tell). I was hopping to get a teacher that we’re familiar with, but unfortunately, we got someone that we don’t know.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Coming up with Essential Agreements (Exhibition Reflection #6)

3 Mar , 2015  

Today I finally got into my exhibition group that I’m going to work with for the whole exhibition!!! I’m working with Audrey and Kylie and we’re all doing photography. Our group meeting time today was really short (only 1 period), but we came up with some of our essential agreements which are somewhat related to 1 of the learner profile attributes and attitudes. We now have a group chat so we could contact each other easily and have discussions. I really wish we can start working on our topic tomorrow and discuss about the things that we’re going to do because I feel like there’s not much time left.  I have no idea on what my teammates wants to do. I’m reading through the articles that I’ve mentioned before in my previous reflection and made a to-do list of what I need to do before this week. I personally didn’t accomplish much work today, but in terms of our whole group, we are working really well so far.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Central Idea Questions (Exhibition Reflection #4)

1 Mar , 2015  

FullSizeRender (1) (1) FullSizeRender (1)


The above image is our questions (in green) and answers (in purple) related to the central idea.

Today, Mrs. DC came in and talked to us about our central idea for the exhibition: ‘By building our knowledge and skills in an art form, we can better express ourselves to engage others.’ First, we analyzed and discussed about what the central idea meant, then we formulated questions that we thought of that related back to the central idea or the entire exhibition. For example, How do we engage others?, How can we help our group members?How do I get better? etc. Next, we had a thought and see if the art form that we’ve chosen applied to the central idea and that we could subsidize or tweak in our art form. For example, I’m doing photography, so my central idea might be: ‘By building our knowledge and skills in/through photography, we can better express ourselves to inform/entertain/inspire/ persuade others.’ I need to decide that with my exhibition group next week.

I think Mrs. DC’s session today was very useful, I now know what I’m going to focus on in the coming 7 weeks and what the expectations are. I can also come up with my own central idea that our group might use. Now, I am feeling confident on getting my work done, but I think one of my biggest problems that I might face would definitely be time management.

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