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Some Conflict (Exhibition Reflection #24)

31 Mar , 2015  

Today, Kylie and I kind of had a bit of misunderstanding which caused a bit of argument. The student planner and research was due today (I thought it was meant to be due on Thursday) and we are no where near finishing as I’ve mentioned before. I suggested to finish off the student planner together first, and then just spend the remaining time to transfer our notes from interviews and/or doing more research. I told her that we should work with higher efficiency today to make sure we got things done. Then for some reasons, Kylie started getting mad at me and I had no idea what’s wrong. I don’t know if I’m too bossy or mean, but I tried to use a great attitude when telling her my plan and trying to ask what’s wrong, but she just said that we should just start working. I don’t understand what’s going on at all! Maybe because she’s stressed or something as well. Now, I don’t have much confidence and I just keep on thinking that our group is going to fail. Let me see what happens tomorrow, if it continues, I’m just going to have to tell Mrs. Miller or Mrs. Ferrari. We didn’t talk to each other at all for the rest of the lesson and we worked separately doing individual things. We worked hard today, but I didn’t use my time to the best that I could use it.

There is a lot of things that I need to do and I feel stressed. I just had my Chinese assessment in the middle of the exhibition, so I needed to spend time to practice as well. However, those time were meant to be spent on doing extra work or organization for exhibition, that’s why I can’t finish the work that we’re meant to do on time.

Anyways, today we just worked on the research document and the exhibition planner separately. I spent most of my time working on the student planner, since I thought it was more important, but I also spent time on doing some research. I am now freaking out because we’ve only completed 1 line of inquiry research out of 3 (jotting down our notes and drawing conclusion) and most of the student planner. I NEED TO CONTINUE WITH THE RESEARCHES AND STUDENT PLANNER NOW!

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Research and Organization (Exhibition Reflection #23)

31 Mar , 2015  

There wasn’t anything much special today in exhibition time. Since the banners are due today, we did some final editing for around 15 mins, sort out ourselves and did more research for the rest of the time. What I now need to do is to transfer all the information from the interviews and put our notes on the research documents. We also need to draw conclusions for each of the research questions that we have. Audrey went on Easter break early, she was online during exhibition time this morning, so Kylie and I video called her and just tell her about the darkroom and our process so far.

I didn’t think I used today’s double lesson effectively. I need to start to manage my time and make checklists everyday to keep track of what I need to do each day. Most groups are pretty much done their research and now are focusing on sorting out the research informations and drawing conclusions, so our group is a bit off scheduled and behind. All the research is expected to be done before the holidays, which is Thursday, I think Kylie and I should be able to finish the research, but I’m not really sure if we can finish the drawing conclusions part.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Darkroom Experiment Reflection (Exhibition Reflection #22)

30 Mar , 2015  

The darkroom experiment was a pretty long reflection and it was a really special experience, so I decided to write my reflection on a Google Doc:

Click  here to view my reflection.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Light Painting Experiment and Mentor Meeting (Exhibition Reflection #21)

29 Mar , 2015  

Today, we did a light painting experiment. It was definitely very different from the normal experiments that we did. Light painting requires a tripod, low ISO number and the shutter speed set to bulb mode. Kylie, Audrey and I took turns taking the photos and also using our phones to draw. I thought we cooperated together really well and our product turned out to be really successful. I think that light painting is a really creative and cool way to express some sort of message, but our group wouldn’t choose light painting as our final product.

We also had our third mentor meeting today as well. In this stage, I don’t really think that mentor meetings are useful and I don’t really like it. We have to spend a lot of time to explain to our mentor some of the PYP elements (the inquiry cycle, the 6 units and enduring understandings), since he is not a teacher/in the education department. I don’t find our mentor that helpful, what we really do every meeting is that we talk to him about our process and what we’re now doing and then he asks us some questions about our work. I don’t think that’s the purpose of a mentor meeting, but I just don’t feel like we are having our meetings effectively. I feel like there’s a need to improve this problem, I might tell my group how I feel and I’ll just see how the others feel.

Here are some photos that we’ve taken:

IMG_5914 (First Photo!)


IMG_5942 IMG_5943 IMG_5946 IMG_5956

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Interview with Ms. Campbell (Exhibition Reflection #20)

26 Mar , 2015  

Today, we had an interview with Ms. Campbell, she is an expert in photography and in visual arts. Ms. Campbell gave us a lot of useful tips, answered some of our questions and gave me some suggestions to improve my photos. I learnt how aperture works, other modes that I could experiment with on the camera (aperture priority and shutter speed priority), how to use and view the exposure meter. Some of the photos that I took in previous experimentations are either to dark or too light (underexposed and overexposed), so I need to be more aware with the exposure meter and settings when experimenting with the digital camera to prevent my photos to become really dark or really light next time.

In my opinion, I think interviews are actually even more easier and effective to find information and research. It’s because you have an actual expert there which you can ask any questions. The interviewee can even give you an example or demonstrate it to you, it’s easier and effective to understand than just highlighting through pages of books and then taking notes of the key information. All you need to do after the interview is just transfer all your notes that you’ve took to the rest of the research notes and then make a conclusion that answers your supporting questions. Also, in an interview, sometimes I tend to learn more and take out more things, that’s why I prefer interviews.

You can tell that I know what to do (as seen above), but I still need to find some time to do that. I might do it during the Easter break. I can’t wait till my next interview which is on Saturday (with one of my mom’s friend). We are going to do 4 interviews (I don’t know if it’s too much?), and 2 interviews is already completed, 1 with Kylie’s tutor, 1 with my mom’s friend, 1 with Ms. Campbell and the last one with Audrey’s aunt.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Banner Work and Darkroom Experiment Confirmation (Exhibition Reflection #19)

24 Mar , 2015  

Today, we rescheduled our exhibition time together due to the math assembly we had this morning. Unfortunately, Kylie had performing arts during exhibition time, so Audrey and I finished off some work that needed to be done, like the banner, filling in the permission slip and just organizing ourselves. I wouldn’t say we used our time efficiently today, but we did what we needed to do and the work that’s due got completed.

I still have the feeling that I had yesterday, it feels like there’s a lot of work to do and I don’t have enough time to do all the work. The feeling is annoying me. It also seems like I keep on forgetting things, but in fact I’m actually doing well with time. Sometimes I’m just taking things a bit too seriously and I think I may just take a rest and take a step back during the Easter holidays so then I wouldn’t be thinking about exhibition work and working.

So far, I think I need to spend more time doing more research, making sure and trying to do 3 critiques per week and also trying to experiment on different things to improve my photography skills. Even though I need to take a break off from the exhibition work, but I’m possibly going to go around HK and take photos that shows that “global interaction has given us access to many things around the world and it impacts us positively and negatively”.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Enduring Understanding & Final Product (Exhibition Reflection #18)

24 Mar , 2015  

Today, we chose the enduring understandings that we wanted to focus on for our final product. We also need to form another line of inquiry connected with the enduring understandings, which will be due on Wednesday. Our group is planning to do a total of 2 final products, Kylie and Audrey will work together (since they’re focusing on photoshop) and I will work on taking photographs with DSLRs. Our group is going to express global interactions through photography. I’m not sure what Kylie and Audrey will be doing, but I am going to use photos  to express  “global interactions that  gives us access to many things around the world, which impacts us positively and negatively”.

For some reasons, I have a feeling that our group is falling behind and not getting things done by the due date. Our group is participating, but not as effective and efficient  as we used to be, we are more” individual” in terms of doing the researches and experimentations. I feel like we have a lot of things that needed to be done, but I’m not sure if I’m worrying to much though.

I think that there’s a lot of work to do. I need to work on the banner and other group work (research, enduring understanding, actions…). We have so many deadlines to keep track with and other research to do. I feel like I need to spend a lot of time during Easter to finish some work that needs to be completed. I am now on the stage where I get really confused about time and what we’re supposed to do. My goal this week is to try and spend more time at home each day to work on exhibition work and organize myself.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Organizing Ourselves and Mentor Meeting (Exhibition Reflection #17)

20 Mar , 2015  

Today, we spent most of our time doing research, some time on experimenting and some time on our mentor meeting. First, in class I organized my process journal. My notes from the tuning in presentations and some of the prior knowledge questions about the exhibition are all in my learning to learn sketchbook. I used to be really confused on where my work is, now it makes it much more easier to find my work, because most likely it’s going to be in my white folder. It is also more efficient for us when we’re finding our work. We also printed some of our reflections on the blog and filed them in the white folders. This way, it’s easier to show my learning/thinking/knowledge developments overtime. After all the organization, it felt like my process journal is more complete and all the bits and pieces are in the folders. I can now access my exhibition work easily in my white folder, which is a great improvement compared to before.

We had our 2nd mentor meeting today. We were mainly focusing on telling our mentor about the dark room experimenting and the times that we’re available (our mentor is going to be our supervisor) . At the end, we had less time to focus on the actual stage of inquiry that we’re now on. I think our mentor is confusing me because he told us to start thinking about the final product and I haven’t even decided what form of expression I wanted to choose to express to the audience at the end. I’m also still on the researching stage, so it kind of freaks me out because it seems like there’s not much time left…

Additionally, we found another primary resource/expert to interview. It’s Ms. Campbell, we are going to interview her next Tuesday during exhibition time. I am looking forward to the interview, we’ve already prepared the questions that we’re going to ask. We chose Ms. Campbell to interview because she came in and did an informative tuning in presentation on photography, and we thought she’s very knowledgeable in photography.

The amount of research that I did this week is pretty satisfying, but I still need to do some more tomorrow and during the weekends.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Enduring Understandings (Exhibition Reflection #16)

19 Mar , 2015  

Today in class (actual class) we talked about some of the possible issues that we might be focusing on. The issues are all going to be 1 or 2 big ideas from the previous unites that we learnt. For example, The Who we are unit (values), one of the big ideas that most of us took away is that values change over time. Everyone might me doing something different that they want to express at the end in their final product. I’m still not sure which one to choose, but I might be doing values (different people has different values), global interaction (impacts people positively and negatively or global interaction gives us access to many things around the world). One of my questions that I’m sure I’m going to have when creating my final product is how am I going to show my certain expression through photography. I also believe that this is one of the challenges I’m going to face when creating the final product.

When we were brainstorming all the big ideas we were in different groups.  I thought that we were all participating pretty well together as a group. All of us contributed something at the whole process went by very successfully. Our group was a bit special, we split ourselves with different roles, 2 people discussing and writing it down by memory, 2 people looking through their portfolios, reflection sheet for the end of the unit and process journals, the other 2 finds information on blogs. It turns out that all of us was still doing the job that we’re meant to do and it definitely worked effectively as well.

I can’t really decide on what expression I want to focus on yet, I might need to compare and see which one is suitable to express through photography. I might need more time to do that and hopefully by next week, I know what expression that my final product is going to focus on. If I’m really stuck, I might even ask my exhibition team members or my mom to give me some suggestions.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

More Research and Dark Room Rental (Exhibition Reflection #15)

18 Mar , 2015  

Today, we spent most of our exhibition time on doing more research and finding people to interview. As I’ve mentioned before, my group wants to experiment around and rent a dark room to develop film in. Therefore, we spent most of our time finding places around HK that we could possibly go to. We found 1 in Central that costs $200 for 4 hours, though we’re planning to only go for around 2-3 hours. Kylie contacted the shop this afternoon and asked them questions that we’ve had and she also got some details as well. We are very likely to go there sometime next week, probably with our mentor (which is still not confirmed yet).

I’ve now got some information on resolution of photos, focus, depth of field, zoom, subject & background, depth of field, composition and taking photos that involves actions. Obviously, I have different amount of information for the skills listed above. I don’t think I’ve done enough research at this point, but it’s an acceptable amount in this stage, furthermore we still need to interview some of the experts. We are going to discuss more on interviewing the experts tomorrow. My goal this week is to definitely try to finish all my research, as well as noting down some of the useful information that I found out. I also need to continue doing critiques of photographs that other photographers take and continue with experimenting.

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