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Where Children Sleep

14 May , 2014  

For this unit, we are learning about different people’s rights and opportunities and how our actions can change or affect people’s rights. This is an tunning in/finding out task where we have to read the description of where children sleep and inference the rights that are denied or granted. There is a range of people’s lives, some were really poor and some were really rich and privileged. I think this task is really good to expand our knowledge on understanding other children’s lives from around the world and reflect on how lucky we are to have education, family, friends and shelter.

This is my “Where Children Sleep” document 

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Genius Hour #3- Week 1 How to make traditional Cantonese Dim Sums?

24 Mar , 2014  

For this genius hour project, I’ll be making traditional Cantonese dim sums. Me and Kashish would be working together and the purpose for this project is to learn more about Hong Kong and how to cook traditional treats. By the end of this genius hour, me and Kashish will have a mini cookbook on how to make 5 dim sums/Chinese dishes. The cookbook would have some facts and information on dim sums, the ingredients for making each dim sum and the steps for making the dim sums. I can predict this is going to be an interesting project on using my creativity skills, cooking skills and thinking skills too. Yeah! I’m really waiting forward to making the dim sums next genius hour!!


Last Genius Hour (10/1/13) Accomplished!!!

12 Jan , 2014  

Our genius hour this round was successfully completed! Me, Hannah and Campbell (new kid that helped us) finished wrapping up all of the soap to make them look nice. Also we started creating a presentation on our project (Friendly Skin Care Productz®) for this genius hour to be presented in the next few weeks. I think this is my best genius hour so far because I got the chance to pair up with Hannah and actually made something really cool and useful. However, I still don’t have ANY idea on my next genius hour… Hopefully it’s going to be a great topic!!!

Here are some images of our finished products:


15/11/13 Last Week of Genius Hour!

15 Nov , 2013   Gallery

Today, we finally completed our last genius hour. I’d finished all the work that I’m supposed to do!! When I go home, I’m going to see if I can make any improvements towards my calendar, I may also need to prepare for the exhibition. I am pretty confident on my working progress, the calendar also meets the purpose of using time wisely and efficiently! Yeah!

Some pictures of my final project:


25/10/13 Week 1 of Genius Hour Project!

25 Oct , 2013  

We’ve finally started our Genius Hour project today!! I’m glad that I have accomplished my plan to find out what students like in a cool designed planner and also to plan out my ideas of the calendar. I also did a little research on making a successful planner as well as free website hosts etc. I’m pretty ready for next week’s creation of “Track Your Time”!!!

Click here to look at my project document.

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Vote For Ruby!

9 Sep , 2013  

Bellow is a link on voting for our Chinese White Dolphins, Ruby. This project was created by WWF because the would like to raise awareness on our Hong Kong Marine life.  There are only 61 dolphins left in the HK area, they all live near the airport runways. However, Hong Kong government is planning to expand the runways, it is going to pollute and destroy their habitats! The government isn’t really protecting our sea creatures much, if the WWF gets 100,000 votes, the government will try to protect all the dolphins in Hong Kong area.

For more information, you can also go to the site and check it out…

Once again, please vote for Ruby!!

Vote Ruby link


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