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Writing Prompt- After the Plane Crash

9 Jan , 2015  


I felt very uncomfortable, being lightheaded, drowsy, dizzy and weird. As I opened up my eyes, I found that I was in an unknown place, a place that no one was been seen and nothing much that’s around me. Now, I think I’m fully awake. First, I saw this big white object in a distance, what was that? There were waist-high flowers growing everywhere and made this place look remote and terrifying. Where am I? How did I end up being here? Endless questions started floating in my head. Oh no! I seem to forget about things that happened before and somehow I ended at this unknown land.

I began walking towards the white object, maybe that’s where I could find my answers to my questions. My stomach was starting to grumble, I was hungry and thirsty, there were only flowers around and a few birds chirping. I tried and tried to think of what had happened, but I just couldn’t! This place was endless, I had no sense of direction, it took me forever when I finally saw the white thing. The white, big object that I saw was actually an airplane. I walked around it, it was a Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 airplane, the one that disappeared somewhere in March, 2014. Now I knew that I was probably in a forbidden island that no one lives in or place somewhere in Earth or maybe even in outer space. I went in the airplane, no one was in there, except I found water, in fact there was actually quite a lot of water.

Days and nights passed by, I still couldn’t recover my memory. I was now literally starving to death, the water that I found helped me a lot, but now I was slowly running out of water. Until one day, I felt really ill and afterwards I had no feeling, I didn’t know what happened to me afterwards.



**This word carving story was found on the Sablahalara Island in the Pacific Ocean. Rumors are now around that this island, recently discovered by billionaire, Mr. Robert Muchos was once a place that people lived in. However, there were no signs of dead bodies, a community structure or the Airplane from the above story around this place. Zuri.Z is believed to be dead now according to her story.**

Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we organize ourselves,HWOO,Public Spaces Unit Online Process Journal,PYP,Thinking Skills,UOI

Day 6 Reflection-Maps Engine Try-out

15 Dec , 2014  

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.30.55

Today, we had a trial of using map engines(similar to Google Maps, but you can pin down ANY spots). It is a very good source to mark locations and routes. We can change the icon of the pin to most of the shapes(transport, sports and services), can also add pictures and descriptions to each location.

We started off by locating the school, our home, some cool places around Hong Kong and places that we usually go to. I can tell that everyone is happy about using this new tool to help our learning on this public spaces unit.

It is a very easy tool to use, I learnt how to use it straight away. It is a useful tool for planning a road trip/holiday, keeping track of routes to different locations and building your own maps for daily purposes. However, if I were to improve something about Map Engines, I would say that they should allow us to customize our own icons and change the colors of the “More Icons” icons.

Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we organize ourselves,HWOO,Public Spaces Unit Online Process Journal,PYP,Thinking Skills,UOI

Day 4 Reflection-Taking Action

8 Dec , 2014  

Today, Mrs. DC came here and talked to us about taking actions and we shared our opinions on if taking actions were our responsibility. We were divided into groups with similar opinion. I believe that sometimes taking action is our responsibility and sometimes it’s not. I represented our group and shared our opinion that we came up together to the rest of our class. My group’s perspective was that when you were young, you might need some supports or helps from adults and you couldn’t really take full responsibility on your actions. Also, when you’re interested and passionate on something, you tended to care more about it.

Sometimes, we shouldn’t take actions because we are forced to do it or it’s something really small that doesn’t really help anything at all. If it’s not what you like doing or something that is led by you, you have the right to not take the action and actually do something that really matters to you. Our parents work hard to earn money for us and we have good standard of living. If we have more than enough, we can donate some money to the less fortunates as being able to give is a blessing. Furthermore  we should always learn to share some of our things that we don’t need to people who are less fortunate or people that needed help. This way, it would help our society be more balanced (between the poor and wealthy) and everyone would be more equal. If we don’t need those things, what’s the point of keeping it and throwing it would be a waste, so why not share it or give it away to people that needed it.


The 2 links bellow are the presentation presented by Mrs. DC and Ms. Manson:

PDF L2L_Action #1

L2L_Action #2

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