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Day 8 Reflection-Central Ferry Piers Promenade Field Trip

16 Dec , 2014  

Ferry Terminal Promenade Maps Engine

Today, we went to the Ferry Pier in Central for a field trip about the public spaces unit.We walked along the seaside promenade, all the way to and from Shun Tak Centre. We spent most of the time observing what there are, including what people are doing, the condition of the public space, services and facilities of the public space and we also interviewed a lot of people who were using the public space.

Some people that we interviewed gave us a lot of their opinions and it definitely helped us. They thought that the area was overall pretty good, except they could make the walkways wider for suit cases to pass through easier; even though it’s a non-smoking area, but a lot of people smoked there ; and the area should be ¬†cleaner or there are more of environmental, green area. People in the promenade were mainly chilling out, enjoying the sea-view, eating, talking with other people/friends and on their electronic devices.

I think this place is a good area for people to stop by and take a rest in their busy day. It should look more modern and environmental to attract more people to come by. Also, the ferry terminal promenade is in an extremely convenient area where people can come with different kind of public transport. This week, we need to do a report on how to improve this public space, by adding or subtracting different features.

Here are some photos from the field trip:




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