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An Aspect of Power: Pope Francis

9 Oct , 2014  

TASK: For this Unit of Inquiry, we are inquiring into how and why the use of power has consequences. For the Independent Inquiry in this unit, we were to choose a person, organization or an activity that is happening around the society. We also needed to write out our prior knowledge about this person and how it contracts with power. We could also include how did the person got power and how did the person use he’s/her power (negative or positive) in our prior knowledge. Lastly, we needed to form questions about our inquiry and to research and find out about more.

WHO I CHOOSE: I decided to choose Pope Francis.


– A pope in a Cathedral Church in Vatican

– From Argentina

– One of the most powerful popes around the world

– Builds bridges with people who have different race, background and cultures (Appreciates people with different cultures)

–  He supports gay people and the right for them to get married

– Nice, wise, friendly, positive and caring person


– How did he get his power?

– What opportunities is Pope Francis trying to create?

– How did the changes he made affect the relationships between people?

– How did his power change other’s opportunities and perspectives?

– Did his power affect in any consequences? Why?

Finding out:

Click here to see my research notes

Final Presentation:

Click here to see my presentation to see how I organized all my notes and transformed it into a presentation


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9 Jun , 2014  

This Youtube video below is my PSA that Hannah and I created for the past month. We started off by brainstorming about the different possible rights we could do and we chose to do child protection. Then, we created a storyboard and a script to plan what our video is going to be about, how the different scenes look, what information would be needed in the the whole video etc. At last, we decided that we’re going to make this PSA on whiteboard drawing and doing a voiceover of all the information following the script. My job was to do all the voiceover recordings and the difficulties was when I had to speak really clear and speak in an appropriate volume, sometimes I just make funny mistakes or laugh for no reason during the voiceover recordings. I really enjoyed creating our PSA and I also loved it a lot!


If you can’t see the video, here’s the link:

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Scoop Newspaper

14 May , 2014  

This is my newspaper that I made in the past 3 weeks. We started from finding the different organizational features and language feature to publish our final copy of the newspaper. I think it was really fun making a newspaper, I would really wish I can design a newspaper in the future. The challenging part of making a newspaper is to divide all those sections and paste our main article of the inquiry we did on historical events. When I was making the main article, I had to use a specific linking words and organization rules. Please read it!!



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Mini Inquiry/ Summative Inquiry

7 May , 2014  

For the summative assessment of the WWAIPT unit, I inquired into the Cold War and made a poster to present all my information and finding-outs. This unit turned out to be pretty good after all the learning and research. At first I thought it was going to be really boring, but it turned out really interesting. Back to my summative inquiry, we started with brainstorming on different research topics by jotting down the different perspectives. Next we started our research by finding valid sources and answering all the information we collected from the research, the questions were: Why is the event significant? What happened in the event? Who was involved in the event? When was the event? What are the different perspectives/interpretations on the event?…  During the research we also planned our presentation, which included how we’re going to present it and what media  we’re going to use to present it.  After, we created our poster by following our plan and adding further designs to it. Finally, we presented our presentation to the class by following the success criteria!

This is my research notes!

Here’s a picture of my poster:


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Man Landing on Moon Reflection

2 Apr , 2014  

On these 2 days, we did a task to see if man actually landed on the moon. We had to find different sources from the task sheet(attached bellow) and research on people’s perspective on and opinion on the man landing on the moon. Then, we needed to write notes and evidence to decide if it’s actually a reliable/valid source. Afterwards, we had to write our own opinion and perspective on this event. Some sources said the moon landing was just a hoax to compete withe the Russians and others said it was true because of the images and satellite information, so it’s pretty confusing for me to write my point of view on man landing on the moon.

Bellow are my research notes and the task sheet:


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WWA Healthy Lifestyle Research

6 Mar , 2014  

This is my WWA research project, I worked with Hannah(again). Anyways, this research is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and our BIQ(big inquiry question) is “How to maintain a healthy lifestyle?” After brainstorming the BIQ, we need to formulate supporting questions to our research that relates to the BIQ and we then start making our supporting questions into lines of inquiries to make it easier for us to organise our work. This is basically like a small unit of inquiry(UOI) project that we’re doing, because it involves the central idea (BIQ), different lines of inquiry, concepts, etc. Afterwards, we started researching about each line of inquiry using at least 1 primary resource and a few secondary resources to help find information that is appropriate for answering the lines of inquiry. We also used noodle tools to help site our sources, we used graphic organiser on Google Docs to put down our reference source, research notes and our rewritten notes. After the research is completed, me and Hannah sorted out our data and made them in to powerful paragraphs (a paragraph with the main idea, collaborating details, supporting detail and at last a closing sentence) to answer each of the lines of inquiries. The last step is to create a presentation to show all our knowledge, finding outs and different information. This research compared to other researches I’ve done before is a bit easier because there are more sources for me to find information on.

Research plan:

Research Notes


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