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Gr. 7 Transition Day Reflection

27 May , 2015  

Yesterday, we went down to the grade 7s for a introduction presentation session with a grade 7 teacher, Ms. Nielsen. She is a homeroom teacher, she teaches English and History. She seemed pretty nice to me. I thought that the presentation wasn’t that fun and as interactive, but it was definitely a useful presentation just to warm us up on some of the changes and new things happening in grade 7. I find that the schedule that we need to adapt to is REALLY different and confusing. We have different days that we need to follow and it rotates every 4 days, I’m sure it takes some time to adapt to, maybe a few months. I hope I can memorize it by December, so it’s more convenient. I also think that the grading system for MYP is really complicated and I’m worried about failing and getting “really poor”. Something that I like about the upper school is probably having different teachers for different subjects. We’re going to have around 8 subjects throughout the year, English, Humanities (Geography and History), Chinese, French, Music, PE, Drama and Art. However, this also means that I need to move around the school for each lesson and for every period, which also leaves more organization and responsibility to the students. I think that I might even learn better this way. I used to think that grade 7 is hard and with everything completely changing, but after the presentation, it changed how I used to felt.

I hope I can be successful in the MYP years, I’m sort of looking forward to it…

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Vimeo Task Video: My Best Digital Art of the Year

19 May , 2015  

Bellow is a video that I created. It is just a short film explaining the best digital artwork that I have created this year and the reason why I chose it. I chose my logo from the exhibition logo competition as my best digital art. I also had fun times and times that were difficult when making the logo.

I uploaded my video on to Vimeo. It’s my first time using Vimeo, so it might not be that good, but I find it pretty easy to use.

Please check out the video and enjoy.



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It’s Tomorrow Night!! (Exhibition Reflection#34)

22 Apr , 2015  

There is one more day left until the exhibition, I’m so excited, but also a bit nervous at the same time. I’ve done all the work that I need to do which I’m very happy about that. Tonight, I’m just going to practice over and over again the possible things that I’m going to say and go over all the work that I’ve done to see if I’ve missed anything. Today has been a productive day, on Thursday and Friday I would be really busy and it’s going to be really crazy.

Today, we took a look at our area that we are going to exhibit our work. I am very satisfied, because we are the 1st booth that the audience will see when they come in to the LLAC and we also have a lot of space to put our work. At first, I was really confused and I don’t know the exact spot that we’re meant to be in. We were at the wrong booth! Tomorrow morning we are going to setup and get everything ready, so can’t wait for that. Now, I just hope that nothing wrong is going to happen tomorrow during setup time and everything is going to go successfully. We also got our exhibition T-shirts and I really liked them, except I need to wear my skirt (school uniform) for the bottom part which doesn’t really match together.

Another thing is that I changed my mind for the action that I’m going to do. Instead of volunteering to bring some of the less fortunate kids to go around HK, I decided to just teach my 2 younger cousins how to take photos and the proper skills of using a camera. I am planning to do that next weekend, but it still has to be confirmed by their parents. I’m just going to teach them focus and flash (lighting) in auto mode, because it’s easier for them since they’re still the beginners.

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Some More Work (Exhibition Reflection #33)

22 Apr , 2015  

Today, I managed my time really well.  I got a few things that needed to be done at school. What I’m now really focusing on is the self-reflection sheet (that Mrs. Miller gave me), process journal organization(categorizing my work into the essential elements of PYP and the ATL skills), going through my work to practice what I’m going to say and lastly, my final product explanation. Some of the work that’s not mentioned above is also due tomorrow as well. For others, my goal is to get them all done by tomorrow (maybe even for homework) since I only have setup time on Thursday for the 1st 2 periods and I need to start exhibiting/presenting my work after recess.

That is pretty much it. Also, I’m going to get my T-shirts that I’m going to wear on Thursday and Friday tomorrow. I’m very excited because the shirt is magenta (purple is my favourite colour), but I heard the design isn’t that good… Anyways, we also took a look at our banners and it looked really nice, I loved it. Other groups are complaining that the word in their central idea is missing a ‘g” or something, so I’m glad that we can’t find any mistakes so far. Ms. Tan came in and show us how to put the banners up and I find it very easy, except for the higher hooks, I need to use a chair because it’s really high (around 2m). The QR code and the website also works, so I hope everything goes successfully in the exhibition. Everything is going well on this stage and I’m glad.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Almost There… (Exhibition Reflection #32)

20 Apr , 2015  

Thursday is the time we start to exhibit our work, which means there’re 3 more days left until the actual exhibition. I’m not that nervous as expected to present/exhibit my work/explain it to students, parents and teachers. However, I’m not sure what questions my audience is going to ask and I might not be prepared for that. I also think that if I actually did all the work and learnt something out of the entire exhibition, I should be able to manage and answer the questions. If I couldn’t answer the question, then I’ll probably say something like I’m not too sure about that, I don’t know the answer to the question or make it up on the spot. Today 6E wrote down a list of questions that the audience might ask and I jot down a few notes that might apply to me and that I could use to answer the questions. I’m not going to read it off on the sheet, it’s just a reminder of possible things that I might say. Today, I printed out most of the things from the Google Doc and filed it in my process journal, I typed up the explanations for each of my photograph, worked on the website for our group and also categorized my reflections to the work that I’ve done in my process journal.   I finally finished my final product, I’m so happy about it. Some groups are still working on their final products. So far, I still have some other things to do, like researching on my action that I’m going to do and getting it confirmed, organizing my process journal, and doing the explanations for my final product. I’m happy about my progress and I know I can get all of the things listed above done by the latest, Thursday.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Working on the Final Product (Exhibition Reflection #31)

18 Apr , 2015  


Today, my main focus is on my final product. I thought me and my group was behind this week because I used most of the time planning and measuring things so that my photographs will fit the book, but some other groups still haven’t started their final product, most are in the same stage as our group and others are already done.

I got 4 periods to work on exhibition today, I wouldn’t say I didn’t used my time effectively, but I could’ve used it better. I helped Kylie and Audrey on some parts of their final product, asked people their opinion on the photos that I should put in my scrapbook and finishing off some other work that needs to be done today.

I can’t wait till exhibiting on next Thursday and Friday. I’m a bit nervous about it and I’m not sure if I’m well prepared for it or not. I don’t really know what to do, what to say or how to answer people’s questions yet, which means I need to figure it out next week (Monday and Tuesday). However, I spent a lot of time working on exhibition and I hope the work that I’ve done would end up in something good and that I’m proud of.

I still need to finish off my final product this weekend (taking a few more photos and printing them, writing up all the remaining explanations and doing the final pasting/decorations). I also need to categorize work for each reflection that I’ve printed out, organizing my process journal and then doing more research on the action that I’ll take. Next week, I need to finish the explanation of my final product, go through all my work to see what I can possibly say, printing-out emails and trying to connect some of my work to the skills and knowledge I’ve developed, the key concepts, central idea and line of inquiry.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Most Things are Due Tomorrow… (Exhibition Reflection #30)

18 Apr , 2015  

Today I did quite a lot of work and finished some of the work that’s due tomorrow. I started answering and reflecting on the LOI plus the central idea, I need to plan to finish that today and I’m going to work on it straight after my reflection is done. I also did the cover page and started an explanation for my scrapbook, which I’m really satisfied on. I know it doesn’t sound like I did that much, but I put a lot of effort into doing it. I’m getting a bit more confident on getting work done on time, but I’m starting to get stressed. I’m not extremely stressed, but I’m in the middle of normal and stressed. It’s just too much work on different areas and we need to do it in 1 week time, so it’s a rush for me.

I’m doing well with my final product. I’ve started choosing photographs that I would possibly use in my scrapbook. Mrs. Ferrari took a look at the photos, she said that I should choose the ones that are really impressive and has the “wow factor”, she also pointed out that a few of them are like photos that I could take before the inquiry. I still have to continue working on my final product tomorrow and this weekend, in order to make sure that I’m going to be able to finish my product on Monday. I still need to ask my mom and Andrea (my friend) on their opinion about the photographs that I’m going to put in my scrapbook.

My main focus tomorrow is going to be my final product. I’ll spend 3 periods on the final product and 1 period on organization, finishing up things that’s due and improving on the photo critique photos etc. I hope I get the things that I need to get done tomorrow.


Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Organization and More Working (Exhibition Reflection #29)

15 Apr , 2015  

Today was also a working day, I didn’t really use my time wisely and we also had an extra 2 periods to work together in our groups. I was spending too much time on a simple job and sometimes I was  wondering around the classroom, which was not a good idea at all. I still have a lots to do, I definitely need to work this weekend to get things done and organize my process journal so that it’s ready to exhibit.

I sent some of the photos that I might put in my final product to print, and started ordering and designing the way that I’m going to put it in my scrapbook. My final product is going really well, which I thought might take a longer time to do, but I managed to stay with my plan and get everything that I need to do finish each day.

I spent most of today’s time going through my process journal and typing up the skills and knowledge developed throughout this exhibition process, answering questions (from me and my mom) and making connections for my research notes. It isn’t that much work, so I need to putting about 95% effort into working tomorrow. Since I have performing arts make up lesson tomorrow, I’m going to miss 2 periods of exhibition time and only get 4 periods, which is not that much time, so a lot of things need to be done at home tomorrow. I’m now feeling tired more than stressed, I also try to encourage myself to finish the work that I need to do and then I can just enjoy and have some free time.

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

Improving my Photographs (Exhibition Reflection #28)

15 Apr , 2015  

Yesterday, I used some of the old experimentation photographs that I took for the critiquing exercise. Thus, I decided to retake and improve the photographs. I took photographs of the same thing(markers) and realized there are many different ways to take photographs of the same thing, from which I made a connection of that there are many solutions to a problem and there are many angles/perspective on the same topic. I was mainly testing out different ways that I can improve . I can see some improvements on the photographs after I’ve developed all the skills and knowledge. I thought this was a great way to see and showed how my knowledge and skills on photography that has developed over time.

Tonight, I’m going to go to the peak and take some more photos about global interaction. This morning, I did some research on taking cityscape in night scenes, so now I have a brief idea of what photos I’m going to take and the settings thatI could use to take the photos to be more efficient. Overall, I’m doing good with taking photos, but I still need some more shots and photographs that I’m going to take  during this weekend. That also means that I’m not going to be able to finish my final product on Friday and I need to tell Mrs. Ferrari about that.

I’m doing well with completing work that I need to do, which I’m happy about. However, I’m still not so sure if I can finish everything in time…

Exhibition Online Daily Reflections,Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we express ourselves,HWEO,PYP,UOI

One Week and a Half Left… (Exhibition Reflection #27)

13 Apr , 2015  

Ugh… There is still 7 school days left until the exhibition. I am not near finishing our inquiry, but I’m glad that there’s no Chinese for these 2 weeks, it means less homework and more time working on exhibition work. I think our group needs to share our progress every single day so then we have a clearer idea of what we’re meant to do and the things that we need to do.

During the Easter holidays, I went to Central (Soho, Mid-levels, Lan Kwai Fong and Hollywood Road) to start taking photos of globalization and people of different culture  interacting together. I also brainstormed possible photographs that I could take to demonstrate positive and negative impacts of globalization. I was pretty satisfied with my progress then, but now, there’s a lot to do and I’m not so sure about my progress.

Today, our group discussed the ideas we have in our head so far about the final product. We also started planning and we are going to start our final product tomorrow. We need to finish summarizing our research into detailed paragraphs (we’ve done most of that, 1 or 2 paragraphs left to write), we need to do a reflection and explain what we think about the central idea, we need to connect information and ideas together, etc… This is a lot of work that our group and I need to do, so I think making a to-do list everyday would help. I think that I need to finish something every single day to be able to stay on track.

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