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Day 9 Reflection- Steve Fabes Talk

16 Dec , 2014  

Yesterday, Dr. Steve Fabes came in and talked to us about his adventure with his bicycle. He has traveled around most parts of the world(6 continents,  55countries and 69,644 km ) starting from 2010, January. He was just an ordinary doctor in an ordinary hospital in London, but he decided that he wants to change his ordinary life and make it more challenging, where he can take risks, experience more and understand more about the world around him.

I think he is a really good example on taking actions and trying to do something that’s different from others. He is trying and willing to step out of his comfort zone and try new things. This is exactly what an risk-taker, reflective and knowledgeable person ( from the IB Learner Profile)should do. I also appreciated the braveness that he’s got, which makes him a very inspirational person.

This is Dr. Steve Fabes. Click on the picture to see his website!

Dr Steve Fabes lge (750x563)

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Day 8 Reflection-Central Ferry Piers Promenade Field Trip

16 Dec , 2014  

Ferry Terminal Promenade Maps Engine

Today, we went to the Ferry Pier in Central for a field trip about the public spaces unit.We walked along the seaside promenade, all the way to and from Shun Tak Centre. We spent most of the time observing what there are, including what people are doing, the condition of the public space, services and facilities of the public space and we also interviewed a lot of people who were using the public space.

Some people that we interviewed gave us a lot of their opinions and it definitely helped us. They thought that the area was overall pretty good, except they could make the walkways wider for suit cases to pass through easier; even though it’s a non-smoking area, but a lot of people smoked there ; and the area should be  cleaner or there are more of environmental, green area. People in the promenade were mainly chilling out, enjoying the sea-view, eating, talking with other people/friends and on their electronic devices.

I think this place is a good area for people to stop by and take a rest in their busy day. It should look more modern and environmental to attract more people to come by. Also, the ferry terminal promenade is in an extremely convenient area where people can come with different kind of public transport. This week, we need to do a report on how to improve this public space, by adding or subtracting different features.

Here are some photos from the field trip:




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Day 5 Reflection- What I’ve learnt in the 1st Half of the Year

16 Dec , 2014  


Mrs. DC came in and talked to us about the different things that we’ve learnt, what we can now do that we couldn’t before the school year and the new knowledge/understandings developed so far. We put all our ideas in separate post-it notes including an example or evidence to prove that we actually understand something or can do something. We need to include a few of each of the different areas in the PYP programme(of grade 6), including music, PE, Chinese, UOI, Art, Math, Literacy, etc. Afterwards, we put all our sticky notes on an A4 paper for putting  in our portfolio to share with our parents, so that we can let them know and get involved in what we’re doing at school.

This was a great reflection time just before the Christmas Holidays, we can think deeply and go through all the work that we’ve done. However, I didn’t really enjoy this task, because I don’t really like reflecting on my work which involves A LOT of thinking. I prefer things that are more direct with clearer paths!

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Day 6 Reflection-Maps Engine Try-out

15 Dec , 2014  

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 8.30.55

Today, we had a trial of using map engines(similar to Google Maps, but you can pin down ANY spots). It is a very good source to mark locations and routes. We can change the icon of the pin to most of the shapes(transport, sports and services), can also add pictures and descriptions to each location.

We started off by locating the school, our home, some cool places around Hong Kong and places that we usually go to. I can tell that everyone is happy about using this new tool to help our learning on this public spaces unit.

It is a very easy tool to use, I learnt how to use it straight away. It is a useful tool for planning a road trip/holiday, keeping track of routes to different locations and building your own maps for daily purposes. However, if I were to improve something about Map Engines, I would say that they should allow us to customize our own icons and change the colors of the “More Icons” icons.

Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we organize ourselves,HWOO,Public Spaces Unit Online Process Journal,PYP,Thinking Skills,UOI

Day 4 Reflection-Taking Action

8 Dec , 2014  

Today, Mrs. DC came here and talked to us about taking actions and we shared our opinions on if taking actions were our responsibility. We were divided into groups with similar opinion. I believe that sometimes taking action is our responsibility and sometimes it’s not. I represented our group and shared our opinion that we came up together to the rest of our class. My group’s perspective was that when you were young, you might need some supports or helps from adults and you couldn’t really take full responsibility on your actions. Also, when you’re interested and passionate on something, you tended to care more about it.

Sometimes, we shouldn’t take actions because we are forced to do it or it’s something really small that doesn’t really help anything at all. If it’s not what you like doing or something that is led by you, you have the right to not take the action and actually do something that really matters to you. Our parents work hard to earn money for us and we have good standard of living. If we have more than enough, we can donate some money to the less fortunates as being able to give is a blessing. Furthermore  we should always learn to share some of our things that we don’t need to people who are less fortunate or people that needed help. This way, it would help our society be more balanced (between the poor and wealthy) and everyone would be more equal. If we don’t need those things, what’s the point of keeping it and throwing it would be a waste, so why not share it or give it away to people that needed it.


The 2 links bellow are the presentation presented by Mrs. DC and Ms. Manson:

PDF L2L_Action #1

L2L_Action #2

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HWOO Unit Overview

7 Dec , 2014  

We started our new unit about public spaces this week. We are going to focus on public spaces, the purpose of different public spaces, special features/characteristics of the different public spaces and how people use them to connect with other people. Our process journal for this unit is going to be our iFolios/blog, which is the blog that you’re reading now. (I think I’ve mentioned it before in the previous posts?)

This unit’s central idea is “Public spaces provide people with opportunities to make connections and establish a sense of community.” I think it is suitable because how we use our public spaces and the purpose of it can or can’t let people understand and know more about the community. People can also use it to make connections with other users and develop thoughts about the community.  Our key concepts of the unit are function, responsibility and connection. Function- How the public space work in the community and the purpose of it. Responsibility- Our responsibility on using and creating public spaces. Connection- How the public spaces connect with people’s lives, the community and our activities. Our lines of inquiry that I should always keep in my of when doing a task are the purposes of the public spaces, some characteristics of it and the connection between people by using the public space.

In this unit, I can take a lot of actions in my free time, which is also one of my goals. I can visit different public spaces around Hong Kong and observe it, go further and find out more about unique public spaces mentioned in class, discuss about different designs and purposes of interesting public spaces around the world, share with my parents my favorite public spaces and what makes it my favorite and look for different special and interesting public space around the world in the internet.


Here is the link of our overview:

(Please Click on the photo)

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 4.31.12 PM

Grade 6,Home Sweet Home!,How we organize ourselves,HWOO,Public Spaces Unit Online Process Journal,PYP,UOI

Public Space Pre-Assesment

7 Dec , 2014  

This is our pre-assesment that I mentioned before(in my last blog post) on creating a public space for the grade 6 students. We needed to go into groups of 2, 3 or work individually to design any public space. Kelly and I (Andrea was sick for the day when we filmed and created our public space) only had 30-40 minutes to create our public space, so it didn’t look as good as it could be and it definitely wasn’t our best effort, but it could demonstrate our understandings about public spaces and how it improve the connections with other people.

Our public space is called The Plaza. It has 2 sections, 1 is more of a technological section and the other section is a relaxing wildlife area. The wildlife area has a pond where people can fish together and make new friends, trees all around the area where people can sit under the shade and chill out by reading etc, a biking path where people can rent a bicycle and just enjoy themselves and also a bicycle parking and rental just in case if people wants to bike but don’t bother bringing the equipments. Inside the tech area, there are interactive displays and screens for kids to learn more about our world and usage of technology, since technology will take over our lives in the near future and it will benefit students. Students can also cooperate in different groups to complete challenges and develop more understandings.

I think the pre-assesment is a fun hands-on task, it is also a great activity to improve our creativity and thinking skills. I wish we had more time to actually prepare for our video recording and to create the public space, instead of rushing through everything. If you follow my blog posts,  you should know that I like things to be as good as possible and I need quite a lot of time to prepare and organize things to make it better.

Here’s my video of our plaza!:


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