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Persuasive Writing: Should Animals be Kept in Zoos?

30 Jan , 2015  

I personally believe that keeping animals in zoos is definitely extremely fierce and cruel. This is an action that we, humans do to harm those lovely animals. Zoos don’t keep animals and care for them well enough. Below are some reasons of why I think that keeping animals at zoos is cruel.


First, animals are also living things, they have feelings and emotions just like us humans do. When we visit zoos, most visitors would throw food to the animals and make them jump around to get the treats and some people might even trick them just to make themselves happy, but not the animal. Throwing food to the animal(s) might fulfill what us humans want and cheers us up, but the animals also have feelings too, you are tiring the animals and they may feel sad once they know that you’re tricking them. Sometimes, when certain types of animals aren’t behaving well, zookeepers lock them into cages. Captivity isn’t the way to solve problems! Furthermore, the animals could develop depression, frustration and/or emotional problem. Once in a while, animals wouldn’t behave that well and that’s natural. You can’t just lock them into cages and think that the problem is solved, but no! Animals are just like humans, they may also have moody days, bad days and happy days, if we need to give vent to something, then they should also have the right to just release their anger from time to time to balance their emotions. Some zoos even inject stimulants to the animals! There is no need for that, it is not taking good care of the animal nor is sustainably controlling their emotions.


Second of all, we shouldn’t interfere with the animal’s original lifestyle. Before they were brought to the zoos, animals used to live in a spacious, free and natural environment. However, some zoos catch them from the wild fiercely and forced them to go to the zoos! To do what? Entertain us humans! They have to leave all their friends and families in the wild just for others to be entertained. Would they feel happy? Why do they need to sacrifice? I’m sure it wouldn’t be nice! Another reason is that zoos put fake backgrounds and wallpapers to pretend that it’s the nature environment, so that animals would feel safer, but it just does the opposite. The animals not only wouldn’t feel safe, but they would feel even scared because they know that something’s wrong around in their habitat, so they would become more alert. Also, since they are forced to live in a small space (compared to the wild) where they might not be treated well enough. They are part of the nature, so we should allow them to live their lives in a natural way.


As mentioned before, animals are living things, they also have feelings and emotions, so they have their own rights. Some basic rights that all animals should deserve are being able to live their own life, be protected by the laws and be ensured to be taken care safely and carefully at all times. Some countries and cities now have laws to protect the animals, I think there should be laws everywhere around the world for these precious animals. Especially when some species of animals are now gradually becoming extinct, we need to carefully preserve our companion that lives together with us, so that your future generations could still be able to see wildlife creatures.


To sum up, I believe that it is definitely very cruel for us humans to keep animals in zoos. How would you feel if you’re forced to leave your beloved ones and go to a place that is tiny for you to live in.? How would you feel if some people tricks you around and keeps on throwing food to you? How would you feel if you get lock into spaceless cages when you’re misbehaving and frustrated from time to time? So that’s exactly how the animals feel! The easiest solution now is to set laws and fines so that zoos would stop capturing animals from the wild and then slowly, just keeping 1-3 zoos in the whole country would be much better!


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Writing Prompt#3- Should Cities Offer Free Wifi?

22 Jan , 2015  



Wifi has now become an important part of our lives. Nowadays,  almost everyone around the world uses it every single day in their daily lives. It has definitely made human lives more convenient by providing wireless network in different places. I personally think that wifi is crucial in the world because of the huge internet and online usage of people and the advanced of technology. If Hong Kong decides to offer free public wifi at any times without restrictions, I would be really pleased and glad, so I thinks it’s a quite a good idea.

The internet can create endless possibilities and what allows us to be able to connect to the internet wireless? Wifi! First, with the internet, you could connect with friends, relatives and families with social medias or direct messaging apps. Imagine if there’s wifi when you’re just traveling around the city, you could share interesting images and thoughts through the different medias immediately! When traveling, you are in extreme need of wifi! For example, if you got lost, you could just easily use GPS devices to guide you the way from one point to another. Also when you’re traveling, if you have free wifi, you could easily find recommendations of restaurants and places near by your current location to have a rest and continue with your trip afterwards. How convenient is that! Another advantage of having wifi is that people could work anywhere in all times to complete an urgent job through Cloud platforms, chats/video calls, emails and online documents and I bet you need wifi in this situation!

However, I have to admit that there are negative parts of having free, public wifi. It costs a lot of money to be able to develop a safe and efficient wifi network for the city. If the government is too focused on throwing in money on having free wifi for the city but forget about other issues around the city, that wouldn’t be good as well.  It is also really risky to have free wifi for the city because of security problems. Nowadays, hackers from other places could just hack in to network easily and steal user’s personal information. Apparently, lack of security is a key issue for building up a secure wireless network, governments should make sure that there is enough security controls before allowing free wifi around the city. Good security controls are time-consuming to develop. For convenience and efficiency that’s why many people could’ve just bought a 3G or 4G plan instead of using the city’s free wifi network.

To sum up, I personally agree with having free wifi for important cities around the world. There are pros to having free wifi and cons to having it, let’s not do anything now and wait till there’s a more advanced technology and security system in the future so that it’s safer to use the wifi network. This way, we can prevent any unexpected issues. In my personal opinion, I think that having free wifi in different cities would be really common in the near future and I bet sooner or later, most cities in the world would have free wifi for the public to use.

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Writing Prompt- The All New Ice-cream Flavor

16 Jan , 2015  



My ice-cream tastes really sweet, it is also an ice-cream only for winter. When you first bite into it, the coldness would spread in your mouth, but afterwards, the warm molten chocolate mixture would balance the cold feeling and warm feeling in your mouth. That’s also how the idea of  ‘warm -cream’ came up in my head. The unique part of this ice-cream is that it’s normal at first, but afterwards, the peppermint and the sweetness would make most people feel really pleasant and cheerful. This ice-cream is very special in multi ways. The different flavors combined together, the warm and cold part and the ice cream not only comes in cups or cones, but also on freshly made bread.

Do you ever want to eat ice-cream in the winter that would make you feel warm instead of cold? Did you ever thought of having an ice-cream flavor that would includes few of the all-time favorite sweets? Well congrats, the new cotton candy with molten peppermint and chocolate warm-cream would be the best choice. It is the most awesome, fun and also one of the best ice-creams ever invented in the human history. Go buy the warm-cream now, in the one and only Les Desserts de Zuri in Causeway Bay!

*Special promotion of buy 1 get 1 free until February 1st! Go crab your warm-cream now.

**warm-cream is a trademark, copyrighted by Les Desserts de Zuri, 2015. All rights reserved!

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Writing Prompt- After the Plane Crash

9 Jan , 2015  


I felt very uncomfortable, being lightheaded, drowsy, dizzy and weird. As I opened up my eyes, I found that I was in an unknown place, a place that no one was been seen and nothing much that’s around me. Now, I think I’m fully awake. First, I saw this big white object in a distance, what was that? There were waist-high flowers growing everywhere and made this place look remote and terrifying. Where am I? How did I end up being here? Endless questions started floating in my head. Oh no! I seem to forget about things that happened before and somehow I ended at this unknown land.

I began walking towards the white object, maybe that’s where I could find my answers to my questions. My stomach was starting to grumble, I was hungry and thirsty, there were only flowers around and a few birds chirping. I tried and tried to think of what had happened, but I just couldn’t! This place was endless, I had no sense of direction, it took me forever when I finally saw the white thing. The white, big object that I saw was actually an airplane. I walked around it, it was a Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 airplane, the one that disappeared somewhere in March, 2014. Now I knew that I was probably in a forbidden island that no one lives in or place somewhere in Earth or maybe even in outer space. I went in the airplane, no one was in there, except I found water, in fact there was actually quite a lot of water.

Days and nights passed by, I still couldn’t recover my memory. I was now literally starving to death, the water that I found helped me a lot, but now I was slowly running out of water. Until one day, I felt really ill and afterwards I had no feeling, I didn’t know what happened to me afterwards.



**This word carving story was found on the Sablahalara Island in the Pacific Ocean. Rumors are now around that this island, recently discovered by billionaire, Mr. Robert Muchos was once a place that people lived in. However, there were no signs of dead bodies, a community structure or the Airplane from the above story around this place. Zuri.Z is believed to be dead now according to her story.**

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Book Club#2 -Cool! By Michael Morpurgo

29 Dec , 2014  

This week is the 2nd week of reading the Michael Morpurgo books for book club. I continued finishing the Cool! book, this book was amazing and ‘cool’.

Here’s my letter:

Dear Mrs. Miller:

Last week, I was half way through the Cool! book and this week I continued on reading it and finally finished it! I’m not going to spoil the ending of the book, but a word I would use to describe the ending of this book is surprising.

Back to the story, Robbie wanted to do something instead of lying down on his bed and just listening to sounds around him, he was trying really hard to open his eyes, but his body and mind wouldn’t let him. He is trying not to go to sleep and rest because he’s afraid of dying. He was really depressed. Weeks and weeks passed by, Robbie Ainsley’s parents used different ways to try to wake their son up, including telling the person who hit him (Mr. McAllister) to apologize for hoping that the boy felt better, inviting Zola, a famous soccer player from Chelsea, which was also Robbie’s hero to communicate with him, giving him a surprise so that he would be happy and awake from his coma….. However, everything just didn’t work no matter what. Mr. Ainsley and Mrs. Ainsley also got back together, they wanted their children to have happier lives, which did made Robbie cheerful inside, but it still didn’t wake Robbie up from his coma. Until one day Robbie’s parents made a decision, also their last choice to try and wake Robbie Ainsley up!

I think this book is too short, but Michael Morpurgo used a lot of advanced languages in this book to make it more interesting. I also think that each part/important event wasn’t really detailed. I enjoyed how realistic the story was and it was like a roller-coaster ride, which brought my emotions up and down.  Overall, I would rate this book a 3 out of 5 stars, it could improve.

Happy Holidays,


December 17, 2014

Cool! book:



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Book Club#1- Cool! By Michael Morpurgo

12 Dec , 2014  

This week for book club, I read the Cool! book by Michael Morpurgo, I would recommend this book to anyone!


Here’s my letter to Mrs. Miller:

Dear Mrs. Miller,

I recently read the Cool! book by Michael Morpurgo(for book club), and so far I’m half way through the book. This book is about this boy, named Robbie Ainsley getting a coma after he got bumped by the car. He was trying to save his dog that almost got hit, but I still don’t know if the dog is alive or not, but most likely the answer is that his dog had passed away. When Robbie was in his coma, he could still hear and smell things, but he just couldn’t see. move or talk. He was struggling to wake up and see things, I can tell it was a hard time for a 10 years-old boy.

This book is an awesome, relaxing quick-read. Michael Morpurgo definitely used a lot of descriptive language in this book. Some of the useful phrases for my writing are: “I try, I try and I try.”(repeating to sound like the character is really meaning to try hard) and “ We hammered them 4-1.”(instead of being so straight-forward, saying that we won/beat them by 4-1, hammered is more powerful) etc.

I can’t wait till I finish this book next week. I would definitely recommend this book to you!



December 11, 2014


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I st Grade 6 Post- Wild Readers Task

19 Sep , 2014  

This is my first blog post for grade 6!!! Yay! I’m really excited.

This week, our Librarian, Mrs. Williams told us to complete a task that’s called “Wild Readers” For this task, our job was to take a photo (as natural as possible) when reading. I usually read after-school when I have breaks, I also read when I finish my homework, before bed and sometimes when I’m waiting for someone or something. I really enjoy reading because I wouldn’t be very bored, I could understand more about different facts, have more knowledge on things around the world and it makes me feel relaxed.

Here’s my pic:


This is when I’m just chilling out on my couch after-school before I start doing my homework, this usually takes about 20 minutes.


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9 Jun , 2014  

This Youtube video below is my PSA that Hannah and I created for the past month. We started off by brainstorming about the different possible rights we could do and we chose to do child protection. Then, we created a storyboard and a script to plan what our video is going to be about, how the different scenes look, what information would be needed in the the whole video etc. At last, we decided that we’re going to make this PSA on whiteboard drawing and doing a voiceover of all the information following the script. My job was to do all the voiceover recordings and the difficulties was when I had to speak really clear and speak in an appropriate volume, sometimes I just make funny mistakes or laugh for no reason during the voiceover recordings. I really enjoyed creating our PSA and I also loved it a lot!


If you can’t see the video, here’s the link:

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Book Review: Hana’s Suitcase

21 May , 2014  

For book club this term, I read Hana’s Suitcase because it was related to my previous unit of inquiry, historical events, that’s why all of us had to read different historical fictions/non-fictions. In this book, there was a Holocaust museum in Japan and the director received a suitcase that said “Hanna Brady, Waisenkind (orphan in English), D.O.B. 1931, May 16th”. All the students visiting this museum was really curious and interested on finding more information about Hana Brady and her suitcase. The Holocaust museum director, Fumiko Ishioka  started this investigation group with the children who were interested on finding more about Hana. Fumiko went half way through the globe to find more informations about Hana Brady. Did she success? What was the result? Read this book to find out about Hana Brady.

Genre: Biography, historical non-fictions

Age range: 8-12

Rating: 3.5/5

My opinion:

The context and information in this book was really rich and informed me a lot. There are quite a lot of facts and images to make the story more interesting and helped readers understand how is it like to live in Germany during World War II. However, I didn’t like the transitions from 1930’s-40’s(describing Hana’s life) to 2000-2001(explaining how Fumiko researched and found more and more information about Hana). This book was also a little too short.  If the author could make it longer and add more details on both the search of Hana and Hana’s life back in Germany, then it would be more readable and enjoyable.

This is Hana’s Suitcase:


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