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Feeding Hong Kong Service Day

26 Nov , 2015  

On Friday, we went to a food bank, Feeding Hong Kong. Feeding Hong Kong is an organization that works with other charities in Hong Kong to distribute cooked, non-perishable food (such as canned food, biscuits, dried noodles, etc) to those charities for those that are less fortunate around Hong Kong. Hong Kong produces nearly 3,200 tonnes of food waste per day, sending all the food that is edible into landfills. Hong Kong also has the largest wealth gap (gap between the rich and the poor) compared to other places around the world. These are severe problems that should be solved immediately. I think that Feeding Hong Kong is an organisation that can truly help the people in need. They collect edible food and store the food in the warehouse to then later deliver to all the partner charities to provide the food to people in need. More companies should participate and send their food to these food banks, we should also have bigger networks of these food banks to hopefully provide 3 meals for most people every day.

We had a lot of planning and organization to do before the service day. First, we had to prepare boxes for students, parents and staffs of CDNIS to put the non-perishable food in. Next, everyone who was participating in this activity had to go to grade 7 and 8 classes and talked about the food collection process. Before we went to the Feeding Hong Kong office, we had to go collecting all the boxes placed around the school. People donated a lot of food, we had a total of 20 boxes (260 kg, providing 619 meals). I’m happy that within 4 days, we collected that many food for those who are in need. I think that the people who are receiving the food in Christmas are also going to be very happy.

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