Service As Action- May 2019

15 May , 2019  

This year, I was able to continue some of my service as action projects from grade 9 as well as branching out and trying more diverse activities. I am now an executive member of the Reading Tree and a regular member of Lilypad. Additionally, I also took part in construction work during Experience Week in Vietnam to help the local community build cement floors in their playground to prevent germs from spreading easily.

How did you undertake challenges that developed new skills?

The most challenging activity that I did this year would probably be construction work during CAS Week. In the 2 days that we were in the village, we had to mix sand, water and rocks together with shovel and buckets (very primitive and limited tools), carry and transport it, then pile it up and covering it over the soil. We also planted some trees in the garden so the school could sell the melon harvested and make more profit from it. This was extremely mentally and physically challenging work since we were doing menial work outdoors in high temperature for 5 hours each day. I went in being very dedicated with the mindset to finish spreading all the cement, but I realized it was unrealistic. I needed to take shifts with other peers and make more realistic goals. I learned how to manage myself better and set more realistic goals for myself

How did you persevere in action?

This year, I have continued to participate in the Reading Tree and Lilypad (for one full academic term now). This shows how I continuously work with organizations and strive to advance in these areas. I am now allowed to put my ideas I have into actual action and hopefully bring about change. This perseverance comes from motivations from my peers and the long-lasting passion that I hold with educating children.

How did you become more aware of your own strengths and areas for growth?

I realized that one of my greatest strengths is communication and problem solving under pressure (responding quickly under pressure). I became aware of this with continuous experience in the service activities I am involved in. By becoming more aware of my strengths, I am able to select my service activities more efficiently: to keep doing the activities that I am strong in while picking out a few others that could improve my weaknesses in the next year.

In this picture, I am interacting with my Grade 1 buddy from Lilypad.

All the cement on the floor was constructed by us from scratch in 2 days.

Evidence that I am one of the program mentors of Lilypad.

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