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8 Bar Melody (Composition Formative)

15 Mar , 2017  

Building on to the 8 bar rhythm I have previously created, I developed the rhythm and turned it into a complete melody with chord progressions. We also focused on conjunct and disjunct as well as consonant and dissonant when creating this melody. Please have a listen to my melody!

Use the list below to check each guideline……….

  • Do you have a combination of conjunct and disjunct motion?

O Yes O No

  • If there are any large intervals (larger than a jump of five different letter names), have you changed direction by step?

O Yes O No O NA

  • Does the melody have an appropriate range?

O Yes O No

  • Does it start and finish on the tonic note? (The tonic note is the first note of the scale.  For example, if you choose Bb Major as your key signature, the tonic note is Bb)

O Yes O No

  • Does it sound interesting?  Is it memorable?

O Yes O No

2 Responses

  1. Yes
    Kind of – I think it sounds interesting, but from what I heard, it doesn’t seem very memorable.

  2. 074001 says:

    Yes yes yes yes no

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