Science Density Tube Experiment

14 Feb , 2017  



The picture above is the final result of our group’s density tube experiment.

We used our knowledge that we learned on density and experimented with 12 different substances. You could see different layers and colors in the tube. They were the different substances ordered by the substances that were less dense at the top and the densest at the bottom. Our group was very successful with teamwork because we successfully planned by dividing up the responsibilities, which made the flow of the experiment very smooth.

Before we started pouring the substances into the graduated cylinder,  we shared our ideas of the densities of each substance and predicted the order of the substances from highest to lowest (the same order we’re going to put the substances in the graduated cylinder). I made assumptions of the densities based on the thickness of the substances.

The top section of the final tube is very nicely stacked, which looks very nice visually.  However, in the middle, you can see a thick, light blue color. That is the mixture of water and milk. Water has a density of 1 and milk has a density of 1.06, which is not a very big difference. Even though we put the milk (should have a higher density) below the water, the water and milk somehow got mixed together. I predicted that if we kept the tube there for a longer time, the milk and water would eventually get back together.

Here are our predictions:

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 7.31.44 AM

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